5 Most Popular Apps on Android in 2019


It is no news that Google Play Store has endless number of apps for all kinds of purposes, but it's only a few that people choose to install on their devices. These are the applications that are most useful for them and function efficiently in the manner expected. All such applications have become ubiquitous with android and there's a high likelihood that you might already have some of them installed on your phone. Let's take you through 5 such popular android apps that are going to rule the roost in 2019 too.

Google Drive suite

As you might be aware, Google Drive is basically a cloud solution available on the android devices wherein you can avail 15 GB of free space for yourself, on the cloud. There is always the option of buying more space if required. What really makes Google Drive special is the android apps like Google photos, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Keep, Google Sheets, Google Slides etc. associated with it. Between the Photos app, Keep (for note taking) and office apps you get almost everything required for maximum productivity. The Google G Suite apps evolve on a continuous basis and if we were to go by the news, the prices are set to rise soon.



Moneybookers or Skrill is one of the most popular online payment apps for casinos as well as for various other uses. It offers a convenient and secure means to transfer funds on the Internet, processing instant payments in real-time. Using an app like this you'll never need to expose your credit card details every time you want to make an online payment. The e-wallet can be funded using different payment modes such as electronic funds transfer, debit/credit cards, bank transfer and more. The deposited money can be withdrawn through multiple means including cheque, direct bank transfer or through a prepaid plastic MasterCard.

LastPass Password Manager


As per a story published in the Washington Post, a new study has identified security flaws in some popular password managers, however, experts suggest that you should still use one. LastPass password manager is a must have android app which allows you to save all your login credentials in an extremely secure and safe manner. Although there are many other similar apps available in the marketplace, this is far ahead of the rest.

Google Maps and Google Assistant

As a part of various announcements made regarding Google Assistant at the recently held CES 2019, it was revealed that it is also coming to Google Maps. Considering the fact that Google Maps virtually owns the navigation app scene on the smart phones, the search engine giant is soon going to roll out Assistant for maps on both iOS and android devices.



Arguably the best application for weather updates, 1Weather has a simple paginated design which tells you about the weather forecast of up to 12 weeks. Apart from that you get a radar as well as some fun statistics. There is decent set of customizable widgets to help you get the look you need. It's the minimal design of this app which differentiates it from the others. Although the free version offers all the features, paying $ 1.99 will get rid of advertising.