3 Important Android Apps To Download Now


No matter what Android device you use, there are certain apps that it is imperative you download. These apps shape your user experience in a number of ways, from keeping your phone secure to basic functionality.

The beauty of Android is that you get a lot of choice, but this can also be a stumbling block. It means that if you're not clued up on what your phone needs, you might end up missing out on particular features.

Make sure you download the following 3 important Android apps now.


1. ExpressVPN (or an alternative)

The good news is that more and more people are starting to realize how important it is to use a VPN whenever you are online. This basic piece of security software hides your location and encrypts your data, which is the very least you should be doing to protect yourself in today's world.

The bad news is that this has led to a huge number of useless VPNs to be created and marketed in the app store. For better or worse, it is very easy to get these apps into the Android app store, and so if you search for a VPN, you're likely to find mostly duds.


However, if you do the research for the best VPN for an Android phone, you'll find that there are some excellent options. My personal favorite is ExpressVPN, but with NordVPN among others, there's no shortage of useful VPN software.

2. Google Assistant

There is no doubt that AI is the future. And personal assistants are, thus far, the best we have gotten out of the evolution of AI technology (at least on a large scale). Unfortunately, for years after Apple introduced Siri, voice operated AI was underwhelming at best. However, while Siri has struggled to stay relevant, Google Assistant is making waves.


Google Assistant is a no-brainer for your Android phone. The app makes navigating your Android ecosystem that much smoother and easier. It is the best assistant available at the moment, and you can trust it to accurately interpret your voice commands.

It is natural to be a little bit skeptical about the usefulness of AI assistants, but since they will eventually become the norm, it is best you start getting used to the technology now.

3. Gboard


The fact that people still use any keyboard apps other than Gboard is baffling. Gboard has all the features of other keyboards and much more. There's swiping and excellent predictive suggestions, of course, but there's also a built in Google search bar, simple emoji and GIF search, personalized stickers, personalized GIF cam, and an incredibly simple means of switching between languages.

Counterintuitively, Gboard was made available for iOS months before it made it to Android, but since it has launched on Android, it has far bypassed the functionality of any of the alternatives. It is so incredibly useful that once you've started using it, other keyboard apps begin looking primitive and clunky, as if you're using T9 again.