Zombies: Survive Till Dawn Mode Brings Resident Evil 2 To PUBG Mobile


Normally, PUBG Mobile is a game that’s all about outsmarting, outrunning, and outgunning other humans, but a new mode that ties into Resident Evil 2, called Survive Till Dawn, seeks to change all of that. In short, the mode introduces zombies and other baddies from across the Resident Evil series for players to contend with, and adds in day and night cycles that change visibility and zombie behavior.

In order to survive, you’ll have to be smart about what you do and when. Zombies will be easy enough to handle during the day, a time when you can farm weapons, skirmish with other players, and pick off mass amounts of zombies to thin their herds a bit. Dusk will fall on the landscape in a matter of minutes, making zombies a bit tougher and more aggressive while slightly decreasing player visibility.

The mode really kicks off when the match enters night time. When the moon rises and the fog thickens, all of the zombies on the map become merciless killing machines, not to mention bullet sponges. You won’t be able to see well enough to spat with other players, which could be used to your advantage if you know the lay of the land and have done some planning.


The new game mode doesn’t necessary flip the game’s core conceit on its head or anything; you’re still trying to outlast all of the other players and be the last one standing. What’s changed is the core threat and the flow of the game. You’ll have to gather up resources during the day to last through the harsh night, a distraction from the mayhem of picking up whatever weapons you happen across and blasting other players.

When that night comes, vicious zombies come in droves, seeking to tear the flesh from your bones. The fog closes in, and long-distance firefights become impossible. The night is the domain of the creatures therein, and the joker halfway across the map with a sniper rifle becomes an afterthought.

As a bonus, two legendary creatures from Resident Evil 2 will randomly spawn at night, being G’s first stage, and Tyrant. Players participating in the event can win skin sets modeled on Leon and Claire, as well as full-on costumes to turn them into Marvin and Ada.


This collaboration is the very first of this sort that Resident Evil has ever done with a mobile game, and it couldn’t have chosen a better target. PUBG Mobile faced stiff competition in 2018 from both inside and outside the Play Store, and still managed to end the year as the most popular game in Google’s wheelhouse.

This collaboration will likely pave the way for more high-budget mobile games to start getting together with their PC and console cousins. This could take the form of in-game events for mobile ports and offshoots of popular series, such as Assassin’s Creed Rebellion and Monster Hunter Stories, or collaborations between two separate entities, as seen here.

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