Never Lose Your Keys Again: 4-Pack of Tile Mate For Just $49.99 – Amazon Deals


The Tile Mate is available in a four pack right now for just $49.99. This brings the cost for each one down to about $13 each. That's a pretty good price for what you're getting here. And this deal won't last long.

Tile Mate is a Bluetooth location tracker, that will allow you to keep an eye on things that you lose often. These are small enough so you can put them on your keys, or in your wallet. So if you lose either one, you can open the app on your phone and find it. Tile can also play a (rather annoying) sound to help you find its exact location.

The battery inside of the Tile Mate is rated for a full year. However, this is the newer version, which means that the battery is replaceable. Previously, when the battery ran out, you had to get a whole new tracker. That is no longer an issue, and it is definitely good to see.


Tile can also be great to keep an eye on your kids, by putting one on their backpack, so you know where they are during and after school.

You can pick up this four pack of the Tile Mate from Amazon for just $49.99 using the link down below.

Tile Mate - Amazon - $39.99