T-Mobile Will Add 5,600 Jobs & 5 New Call Centers, After Merger Completes


T-Mobile and Sprint have now revealed two of a total of five planned locations for New T-Mobile Customer Experience Centers, built around the former company's TEX model, pending the duo's proposed $26 billion merger bid. The pair is promising a minimum of 1,000 new jobs per care center, in addition to plans to update two further customer service centers to the standard.

The newest of those facilities to be revealed is planned for Upstate New York and more directly the Greater Rochester area. The companies had previously unveiled another in Overland Park, Kansas, leaving a total of three customer service centers left to be revealed. Overall, the new service locations are planned to employ an additional 5,600 workers by 2021 and a further 7,500 by 2024.

Employment figures are based on comparative estimates of employment for each company remaining on its own. T-Mobile and Sprint also reiterated their promise to invest in 5G with the goal of creating a nationwide next-generation network for both home use and mobile as well as a commitment to open new stores if the merger is approved.


The companies indicated that New York was chosen for its "business-friendly environment, diverse workforce and strong sense of community."

The benefits of TEX support

T-Mobile's TEX customer care support, short for Team of Experts, was initially launched in late 2017 with a vow to bring an end to the "soul-crushing" state of customer service in the mobile industry. Summarily, the concept allows customers who need to call for support to have access to a team of experts working collectively.


Rather than going through the hassles often associated with support calls, TEX enables customers to get in touch with support via a wide variety of methods including calls or text messages. Alongside relaying information about whatever issue the customer might be experiencing, the customer essentially informs the team when they'll become available so there's no waiting around on the phone or in a chat room.

Through TEX, appointments can be scheduled and customers aren't subjected to scripted responses. Instead, they get access to real people and the representatives are relatively local, as indicated by the service area announced for the newest center in New York.

Benefits of the program aren't all for consumers either. The companies say that New T-Mobile TEX support specialists are eligible for a number of benefits. That includes diverse career development opportunities and tuition reimbursement for higher education as well as management preparation experience.


Cost savings from the merger

Another aspect of the proposed merger between Sprint and T-Mobile is the savings to the companies themselves. The companies also revealed today that they can promise no rate hikes if the merger is successful. In fact, for those first three years, the legacy rate plans of both the carriers would continue until better plans are made available. Those would either offer more data or a lower price point.

Representatives of both companies view raising prices as bad for business, to begin with, the companies stated. The move would only serve to alienate loyal customers, driving up churn rates and hampering growth.

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