Here's Four More Sony 4K HDR TV Lines For You To Consider In 2019

Sony 2019 TV 01 1

Sony has now announced four new TV series that are due to become available to buy soon. These are the XG70, XG80, XG81 and XG83.

Sony has currently not confirmed pricing or general availability for any of these lines but has stated they will all arrive within 2019. Although that should not be interpreted as all of them will be available in the US.

In spite of all of these TV series coming loaded with 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) support, they are designed to be more affordable options that cater to consumers looking for a 4K HDR TV but without the additional features and perks associated with the company’s higher-tiered models.


Of the four, the XG70 series is the only line to not come with Sony’s flavored Android TV in use. Although it is a smart TV and does come with a built-in internet browser. The XG70 will be available in four different sizes: 43, 49, 55 and 65-inch.

With the other three models all coming loaded with Android TV buyers can expect a Android-related app experience and take advantage of a wide variety of apps that have been optimized for the TV. As this is a newer version of Android TV, this also means access to Google Assistant built-in, with users able to issue various commands to the voice assistant for feedback on information or access content.

For those more tied into Amazon’s voice assistant ecosystem, all three are also certified as ‘works with Alexa’ and therefore will connect to an Alexa-enabled device and provide the option of hands-free TV control through voice commands given to the external device.


All three also feature Sony’s 4K X-Reality PRO technology that’s designed to upscale content to offer a 4K-like picture even if the content is not 4K.

In terms of size options, the XG80 is the most varied as it will be available in five sizes in total with the smallest coming in at 43-inch and the largest at 75-inches. The XG81 is scheduled to arrive in the same sizes as the XG80 although there will be no 75-inch option on offer. The XG83 is the most limited in size with only two size options currently due for release, 43 and 49-inch.

One notable difference between the three Android TV-powered lines is the XG83 also features the company’s 4K HDR Processor X1 chip which should result in an even better viewing experiencing thanks to the processor’s ability to enhance depth, textures and colors. Making it the more premium option announced today.


The unveiling of these latest lines follow on from Sony’s appearance at CES 2019 in Las Vegas where the company confirmed many more TV lines that are arriving to market throughout 2019.

Compared to the current announcement, the CES-confirmed lines are the ones aimed at consumers looking to gain the best experience possible, albeit at an increased price. These more premium options also come with Android TV and form the company’s A9G series, A8G series, and X950G series.

At the same event, Sony also unveiled its new Z9G TV. Not only does this one come powered by the Android TV platform, but it is also the company’s first consumer 8K LCD TV.