Shadowgun Legends Surprises Fans With Co-Op Support On Android

Shadowgun Legends FPS Gaming March 22 18 AH New

MADFINGER Games’ stellar take on the mission-based loot-and-shoot, Shadowgun Legends, can now be played in full with a friend by your side. Any and all missions in the game, whether you’re gunning for more fame, taking on tough endgame content, or just blazing through campaign mode, are now open for co-op.

On top of that, the game’s competitive multiplayer scene is getting capture the flag mode. The classic shooter mode is coming in its vanilla form, with no unique changes for this game. Players will compete decked out in whatever gear they’ve won for their characters, fighting across familiar maps to nab and bring home the enemy flag while defending their own.

Shadowgun Legends came out back in March of last year and represented a vastly different dynamic for the series. With the level-based cover shooter and multiplayer competitive shooter genres both firmly under its belt, it made sense for MADFINGER to go after the likes of Destiny and Borderlands with a loot-n’-shoot, and what a solid one it was.


Co-op was decidedly limited in the game, with only certain missions available to be  done with friends and strangers on the web. The competitive multiplayer scene, meanwhile, was already in pretty good shape, but the addition of capture the flag adds in a very old-school game mode that most people simply expect to see in any online shooting game out these days.

It’s worth noting that Shadowgun fans who wanted to play a round of capture the flag always had the option of doing so in Deadzone. While that game is great in its own right, its equipment loadouts and map selection are decidedly limited in comparison to Legends, a veritable smorgasbord of character customization.

Capture the flag in Shadowgun Legends will likely see a lot of players migrating from Deadzone, though probably not quitting it entirely. Deadzone has a lot to offer that’s not in Legends, and the play style is decidedly different. Even so, at the end of the day, it’s still a Shadowgun game, and Legends players who were looking for reasons to drop Deadzone and focus only on one game in the franchise now have another reason to do so.


The addition of capture the flag mode is great, but the real game-changer here is universal co-op. From making the campaign easier and more fun to turning the leaderboard meta entirely on its head, this changes just about everything. Expect to see the online scene in the game change very drastically, and expect to see it happen in very short order.

Now that players can do runs of all sorts together, loot runs, big bosses, and other difficult or time-consuming stages for one person to do alone will be cut down to size. Newbies can now team up with players who have been around since the game came out, which will mean that new players will likely rise through the ranks faster.

They can also, of course, join up with other newbies to run early game content that much more efficiently. Given the game’s instanced nature, loot splitting isn’t likely to cause much of a stir, especially since it’s already an established practice in dedicated co-op levels, and is simply being carried over.

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