Upcoming Samsung Wearable Lineup Exposed By Leaked APK

Samsung Galaxy Wearable APK Leak 2

Samsung’s entire wearable lineup expected to be unveiled next week has been leaked through a premature update for the official Galaxy Wearable application, as detailed in a recent tweet by Ishan Agarwal. The leak not only confirms the extensively-leaked Galaxy Watch Active along with the Galaxy Buds set to replace the IconX earbuds but also reveals that the OEM has developed a couple of new fitness bands called the Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e.

There are a few things to take away from this leak, starting with the fact that the Galaxy Watch Active has been confirmed to ditch the rotating bezel and sport a brand new exterior design. Furthermore, the leaked update to the app seemingly confirms that the upcoming smartwatch will have a smaller display compared to the OEM’s previous models, as denoted by the 40mm case, and will be available in one size only.

Then there are the Galaxy Buds and they, too, seem to have been redesigned. They appear to be smaller compared to the second generation Gear IconX, or at the very least the refined exterior make the earbuds look more compact.


Finally, the leak indicates that Samsung is ready to rejoin the fitness band market with a couple of new products. The OEM’s last fitness band was the Gear Fit2 introduced in 2016, but since then Samsung abandoned this niche segment and instead it infused its smartwatches with additional fitness features.

Like the Gear IconX, the Gear Fit appears to have been rebranded as the Galaxy Fit, but interestingly, the leak also suggests that Samsung has developed two different models, the second of which seems to partially borrow its moniker from the flat-screened Samsung Galaxy S10e. Exactly how the Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e will differ is unclear especially since Samsung included only one image in the leaked update, but presumably, the two fitness bands will have different prices attributed to one or more key hardware changes.

Up until now the main focus for all the leaks surrounding Samsung’s upcoming wearable lineup has been the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active so details surrounding the new wireless earbuds and especially the new fitness bands are rather scarce. But the smartwatch will arrive with a new Tizen OS update and a refreshed user interface, so it’s likely that after nearly three years since the Gear Fit2 was released the new Galaxy Fit / Fit e will boast new software features of its own.


The new Galaxy wearable lineup should be officially introduced at the Unpacked event scheduled to take place on February 20 in San Francisco. It will be accompanied by the Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship series and all of the new wearables are likely to follow the same launch and pre-order schedule as the new smartphone models.

Pricing details are unknown as of yet, but the Gear IconX 2 earbuds were originally released for $199 while last year’s Galaxy Watch was available at launch for $329 or $349 depending on the size of the display. Meanwhile, the Gear Fit2 was introduced for $179 in 2016 so it is possible that the Galaxy Fit / Fit e will also have a sub-$200 launch price.