Samsung To Open Three Massive U.S. Stores While Debuting Galaxy S10

Samsung Logo 2019 AM AH 2

Aside from unveiling its newest flagship smartphones (the Galaxy S10 series), Samsung is planning to open three new retail stores in the US on February 20, also known as Samsung Experience Stores. Samsung will open its newest stores in Los Angeles (The Americana at Brand), New York (Roosevelt Field on Long Island in Garden City), and Houston (The Galleria).

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Samsung’s American division, YH Eom, describes these new retail locations as places for consumers to try out and learn more about the devices offered by the company. Samsung established these stores in response to consumers’ request for locations where they could experience the latest products first-hand.

These outlets will not only display smartphones and tablets, but will also showcase other products like wearables, television sets, and devices compatible with Samsung’s home automation system, SmartThings.


In addition to buying the devices produced by Samsung, there are several other activities that interested consumers may give into inside Samsung’s Experience Stores. For example, people may try out the newest devices released by Samsung, assisted by experts trained by the company. Consumers may also experience the latest 8K television sets, 4D virtual reality headsets, and an immersive 4K gaming lounge. These stores will also serve as customer support centers for products, where users may walk in and either request assistance about devices they purchased, or have their gadgets repaired.

In addition to the Samsung Experience Stores, the device maker will also open pop-up stores across the country, where interested consumers may try out the latest products from Samsung, probably including the latest flagship smartphone offerings of the tech firm.

The establishment of Samsung Experience Stores is part of Samsung’s efforts to reach out to new customers and engage with its fans. Building strong relationships with consumers is important for the tech firm to maintain its sales in the States. Within the last few years, Samsung also set up pop-up stores that showcased new products and technologies, like virtual reality products.


The tech giant opened its flagship store in New York City in 2016. Unlike other flagship stores, Samsung 837 (which is the name of that store) focuses on improving the Samsung’s brand awareness by letting users experience the latest technologies and products from the tech giant, although consumers may also purchase items from the retail outlet and have their devices repaired on site. The location also includes an amphitheater, which Samsung uses for live events, amongst other things.

The launch of new Samsung Experience Stores is also a part of the Samsung’s celebration of the 10-year anniversary of its flagship smartphone lineup, the Galaxy S series. Recently, the company released a re-interpretation of Samsung’s famous ringtone composed by the award-winning composer, Steven Price.

The launch of Samsung Experience Stores will not only allow the South Korean tech giant to highlight the technological advancements included with the company’s upcoming flagships, but also to communicate to consumers about the importance of these new features, as expected.