First Samsung Foldable Phone May Be Called "Galaxy Winner"

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According to a tweet by a tipster called Ishan Agarwal, who recently shared a ton of Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks, Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone will be called the “Galaxy Winner”. If this ends up being true, that will be a rather surprising turn of events, as the company trademarked both the “Galaxy Fold” and “Galaxy Flex” names which would fit with the style of the device.

Mr. Agarwal also mentioned that the product page for the Galaxy Winner will be live after the company’s Galaxy S10 press event on February 20, though the source does not confirm that the phone will be announced at the event. Samsung may talk about the device during that press conference, and release its product page, but it’s still quite likely that the phone will not become official on February 20, as that announcement would step on Galaxy S10’s shoes, pretty much.

The source even says that the Galaxy Winner name does not really seem right, but according to the info that he was provided with, that’s exactly what Samsung’s first foldable smartphone will be called, for better or worse.


Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Demo Device & Video Teaser

During its developer’s press conference at the end of last year, Samsung actually showed off a demo foldable smartphone. The design of that smartphone was covered by a heavy-duty case, but we got a really good idea s to how the phone will function. Its main display will fold inwards, right down the middle, at which point a secondary display on the back will power on, and let you continue using the device. The device will probably be larger than the one Samsung showed, though.

The company’s upcoming smartphone was accidentally shown in a YouTube video which Samsung Vietnam posted, well, at least it seems to be its upcoming handset. In that video, Samsung teased all sorts of upcoming technology, including foldable smartphones, and at one point in the video, you can actually get a good look at the company’s foldable device. We’re still not sure this is the phone that the company is planning to announce, but chances are that the final product will at least resemble it.


So, When Will It Launch?

Some teaser suggested that the company will announce the device on February 20, as already mentioned, but Samsung will probably want to avoid that due to the Galaxy S10, so it’s possible that the foldable device may arrive during MWC 2019. That’s just a wild guess on our part, as it may be completely wrong, but we’ll see. One thing is almost certain, though, Samsung will mention this device in one way or the other during its February 20 press conference and / or during MWC 2019, as it’s a big talking point and people are genuinely interested, it seems.

The Competition


Samsung will have plenty of competition in the foldable smartphone space this year, as Xiaomi already showed off its foldable smartphone prototype, while HTC plans to fully announce its offering at MWC 2019. OPPO, Motorola, and several other companies confirmed that they’re working on foldable devices as well, so it will be an interesting year in that regard.