Meet The New Blue Color Samsung's Debuting With Galaxy S10 Line


The Samsung Galaxy S10 and its variants will reportedly be dropping on February 20, which means that this latest leaked render in blue, covering both the Galaxy S10 and the flat, less expensive Galaxy S10e, give buyers one more color option to fawn over for the next eight days. The beautiful new series of renders comes from the same outlet that put out renders of the Galaxy S10e's Canary Yellow color configuration.

The new color revealed for the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e will almost certainly come to the Galaxy S10 Plus, of course. As for the color option itself, it's the same shiny, almost pearlescent take on sea blue that's been present in the galaxy lineup since the Galaxy S8 days. As always, the color is only on the back of the device, and the parts of the front that aren't screen are black glass. The sides of this variant are a polished silver-chrome that catches light easily, much like other lighter-colored Galaxy variants down the years.

Blue Galaxy S phones became a thing with the Galaxy S3 lineup, which started the trend with a brushed-steel look in shining dark blue. Future Galaxy smartphones that went with a blue variant usually made things a bit lighter, smoother, and shinier. This led all the way up to the Galaxy S8, which introduced the cool, gradient blue seen here.


Other color variants for the Galaxy S10 include black, green, and white for the 6GB RAM version, while the 8GB RAM version adds in other colors. The Canary Yellow, meanwhile, seems to be exclusive to the Galaxy S10e, though that could end up not being the case.

Speaking on the matter of exclusivity, the Coral Blue Galaxy S9 showed up just about everywhere, and the same thing is expected to happen this time around. If this blue rendering series is giving you a case of gadget lust, worry not – you'll almost certainly be able to get your hands on a unit with ease. In the United States, for example, you can grab an unlocked blue Galaxy S9 from Best Buy or on Amazon, or you can get one on lease through any of the four major carriers.

It really wouldn't be a Galaxy S launch without a blue variant at this point. The eye-catching color option has been intact in some form since the Galaxy S3 days, as stated above, and it likely won't be going away any time soon. As beautiful as it may be, blue is probably one of the least exciting non-black options in the Galaxy S10 color lineup.


Green, on the other hand, is new to the lineup. Likewise, the Galaxy S10e will be the first Galaxy flagship launching with a yellow variant. Samsung tends to add new color variants after launch, but this veritable palette of options set to hit the ground floor with the Galaxy S10 range could mean the end of that practice, or at least a severe curtailing going forward. If the new colors don't sell too well, however, they could vanish for good.

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