Whoops: Samsung Accidentally Reveals Its Foldable Phone

AH Samsung deleted foldable phone promo 1

It seems like Samsung Vietnam’s official channel jumped the gun, and published one of the company’s promo videos a bit soon, revealing what it should not have been revealed just yet. This video has been quickly taken down by the company, but it has been re-uploaded on YouTube, and is embedded down below, for your convenience.

This video has a duration of exactly one minute, and it shows a bunch of conceptual ideas, in other words, products that may become a part of our lives in the future. One of those products is actually a foldable smartphone, and it is shown in this video very briefly, but enough to give us some more info, presuming this is the company’s upcoming device. It actually seems like this promo video was supposed to be published later this month at some point.

The foldable device that you can see in this video is actually reminiscent of what Samsung shown off during its developer’s conference at the end of last year, though this device does not have a case on it, or anything of the sort, and it sports a considerably larger display on the outside, and presumably the one on the inside as well. As you can see, the device opens up like a book, and it has a separate display on the outside. That outside display acts as half of the phone’s back side when it’s unfolded, while it acts as a sole display when the phone is folded.


Once you open up the device, you get access to a much larger display, and it seems like Samsung trimmed down bezels on this phone quite a bit, at least judging by the outside display, and the part of the inside panel. The phone does seem to be a somewhat thick, at least for today’s standards of regular smartphones, though that was to be expected, because the device folds.

What else does this tell us?

Now, Samsung actually showed off a bunch of additional concepts in this video, including a rather cool-looking, motion-tracking displays, a setup of three such displays, in fact. These displays are huge, and could be an indication as to what comes next, as having such large touch-sensitive displays at every corner would be quite useful.


In addition to those displays, Samsung also showed off an ultrasound USB-C attachment for the Galaxy Note9, using which you can basically perform an ultrasound at your home, just in case you’d like to check up on your upcoming baby or something of the sort. If you’re a tattoo-lover, you’ll be interested in checking out a huge robotic arm which tattoos people with a help of an app, while the company also showed off some AR gaming in the provided video as well.

Samsung May Release Its Foldable Smartphone Later This Month

Samsung had scheduled its Unpacked press conference for February 20, and it will announce its Galaxy S10 series handsets at that press event. The question remains, will the company’s foldable smartphone debut alongside the Galaxy S10? Well, it is possible, though the company may host a separate press event for that device, and it may even do that at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, which is scheduled to kick off at the end of the month. In any case, the phone is coming soon, the only question is, when exactly.