Samsung's Leaked Foldable Phone Envisioned In Concept Renders


Samsung's foldable smartphone has been envisioned in a series of high-resolution renders showcasing what will possibly be the device's final design. While the smartphone has yet to be officially unveiled outside of SDC 2018 where the prototype device was wrapped in a protective case, the renders created and shared by LetsGoDigital are grounded in reality in that they are largely based on an official video leaked last week by Samsung Vietnam.

The video briefly showcased the OEM's first foldable smartphone along with other concepts, and although it was taken down by Samsung fairly quick, it was enough to spark the imagination of smartphone enthusiasts and fuel a new set of quality renders.

Based on the information so far, Samsung's first foldable smartphone should be equipped with two displays instead of a single panel. One panel will be fitted on the exterior acting as a conventional display for the chocolate-bar form factor, while the flexible screen will be fitted on the inside and fold out similar to a book, giving users a tablet form factor.


Having said that, the two halves of the phone are not identical and judging by the aforementioned leaked video, the upper half accommodating two screens is actually considerably thinner than the other. In turn, this indicates that the thicker half contains most of the hardware components powering the device.

Software-wise the foldable smartphone appears to be running Android 9 Pie and the OEM's new One UI as opposed to Samsung Experience. This is largely denoted by the size of the on-screen icons as well as the size and position of the clock widget on the home screen which has been moved a bit higher in these renders in order to make room for the online publication's logo.

The inclusion of One UI would hardly surprise anyone given that the foldable smartphone will likely redefine the "premium smartphone" concept, but because the device will effectively have two screens and can be utilized as both a smartphone and a tablet, there is a chance that One UI for Samsung's foldable device will undergo a few changes specific to this particular design.


The big question remaining is when Samsung's creation will be ready for the market. Given the premature leak from last week, the OEM appears to progress at a steady pace towards an eventual unveiling, and likewise, it's possible that Samsung will at least have some new information to share regarding the foldable device during its upcoming Unpacked event.

The conference is scheduled to take place on February 20 and it's a fact that the Samsung Galaxy S10 series will be present on stage, likely alongside new wearables including the Galaxy Sport watch and a new pair of earbuds. But whether the foldable smartphone will also be unveiled at the same event remains to be seen. If so, it may very well steal the thunder from the Galaxy S10 lineup so perhaps the foldable unit will enjoy its own separate event following the Galaxy S10 launch.

Samsung is not the only smartphone OEM to chase the foldable form factor, and several other companies are planning to release new devices in this emerging category by the end of the year, with some OEMs being rumored to unveil their foldable creations at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. And since Samsung is not alone in this race, it might not want to keep its fans waiting for too long.


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