Samsung Is Developing A Wireless Power Bank, FCC Docs Reveal


Samsung is developing a new power bank according to FCC documents found recently by tech blog SamMobile. The unit identified by the model number EB-U1200 has wireless charging capabilities in that it can recharge other compatible devices wirelessly, making it the first Samsung power bank to boast this feature.

The FCC documents reveal that the Samsung EB-U1200 power bank has a capacity of 10,000mAh, which should be enough to recharge the ongoing Samsung Galaxy S9 three times over and still have 1,000mAh worth of juice left. In wireless mode the device has a power output rating of 5V, 1A, while in wired mode via USB it can output 5V, 2A; 9V, 1.67A; or 12V, 1.25A.

Having said that, compatible smartphones and other devices can be recharged quicker via the USB connector, but the benefits of wireless charging exist for those who might want to take advantage of them.


The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 series is expected to have not only wireless charging but also two-way (or reversible) charging capabilities, meaning that it can both be recharged and charge other devices wirelessly. This is not the case for the power bank at hand, which can only be recharged through a standard USB connector, according to the user manual attached to the FCC documents. Meanwhile, the additional USB Type-C connector appears to be used only for transferring energy to other compatible devices that might not benefit from wireless charging capabilities.

The same user manual also reveals that the Samsung wireless power bank is equipped with several LED indicators designed to show how much energy is left in the 10,000mAh battery. One blinking LED means that the battery has only 0-5 percent charge left, while one solid LED indicates the unit is 5-20 percent charged. A battery charged anywhere between 70 and 100 percent will be indicated by four lit LEDs.

As for its overall dimensions, the Samsung EB-U1200 seems to measure roughly 150 x 70-millimeters and looks relatively thin. For reference, the Samsung Galaxy S9 has a similar footprint measuring 147.7 x 68.7-millimeters, while the Samsung Galaxy S9+ clocks in at 158.1 x 73.8mm.


In other words, the wireless power bank is compact enough not to exceed the dimensions of Samsung's flagship phones, which should be aesthetically pleasing as well as convenient for carrying. In theory, users could simply place a compatible phone in their pocket along with the power bank and seamlessly recharge the smartphone on the go without worrying about any wires getting in the way.

Additionally, the wireless power bank could also double as a simple wireless charging pad when plugged into the wall socket charger via the USB connector. However, the user manual specifies that the charger will be sold separately.

Pricing and release details for the Samsung wireless power bank remain unknown, but since the device already visited the FCC, it seems very likely for the OEM to introduce the accessory following the Samsung Galaxy S10's official announcement scheduled to take place tomorrow – February 20. It remains to be seen whether it will be showcased or at least acknowledged by Samsung at its Unpacked event in San Francisco.


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