Samsung's 2019 4K & 8K TVs Land In The US As Part Of 'Largest Ever' QLED Push


Samsung today officially announced its 2019 QLED 4K and 8K TVs as on sale nationwide in the US. This represents part of a wider global rollout of availability of these TVs throughout the first quarter of the year.

While these TVs are said to be officially available, some are now outright ready to ship while others may still be in a state of pre-order for now.

The headline entry is the company's 8K TV which arrives to market as the Q900 series. This TV line actually was announced last year and showcased at the various tech events during the year.


The option to pre-order in the US also became available in January, 2019. Although now it would seem the TV is nearing a ready to ship state – currently Samsung says Q900 models will ship starting from March 1.

At present, US consumers only have the option to order from fours sizes (65, 75, 82 and 85-inches) but the company has now confirmed the largest (93-inch) TV model will also become available in the US in due course.

Pricing for the OLED 8K Q900 line starts at $4,999.


8K aside, Samsung also confirmed its QLED 4K TVs for 2019 are also now arriving. In this sector consumers have a greater variety of choice thanks to the launch of four different QLED 4K 2019 lines: Q60, Q70, Q80 and Q90.

All of these lines share a number of common features and are available in varying sizes with the Q60 the most versatile due to the size options ranging from 43-inches up to 82-inches.

The other lines are available with less size options but all of them offer an 82-inch version as the largest.


One of the reasons for the multiple lines, with varying sizes for each line, is Samsung wants to offer a QLED 4K TV to match the needs and budget of different consumers.

Regardless of whether opting for a 4K or 8K QLED TV, buyers can expect a number of similar features, such as upscaling to the 4K or 8K level. This means that whether consumers have direct access to 4K or 8K content, they will find any content they watch on these TVs will be improved to offer a like experience.

This has been made possible by the 2019 QLED TVs from Samsung utilizing the company's own property processors. The 8K models feature Samsung's Quantum Processor 8K, while the Quantum Processor 4K is included with the 4K models.


As to be expected, these TVs also draw heavily on the use of AI algorithm-based technologies to offer a more personalized experience both at the user and content levels.

This is even more true in 2019 than in previous years as these TVs not only feature Samsung's own Bixby solution but will also support both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control.

Samsung first confirmed this widening of voice control support during CES 2019 and reiterated the commitment with its QLED 4K and 8K TVs today.


For those who find the wide variety of 4K and 8K TVs not quite to their liking, they do have the option of buying one of the company's 2019 "lifestyle" models instead. Branded as "The Frame" and "The Serif."

Again, both of these lifestyle models were first announced in 2018 although they are arriving in the US as part of the company's 2019 TV portfolio, and offer more of a design-focused product compared to the others.

In total, Samsung announced a significant number of different models, so many that the company has now said its 2019 QLED portfolio represents its "largest QLED lineup ever."

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