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Amazon is discounting the Google Pixel to just $159. This is for a refurbished first-generation Google Pixel smartphone. It is unlocked and will work on all four US carriers – including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. Making it a great way to upgrade your aging phone without spending a ton of cash.

The Google Pixel at just $159 is actually a pretty good deal, even though it is an older smartphone at this point. It offers a 5-inch full HD display, with the Snapdragon 821 chipset inside and 4GB of RAM. There is 32GB of storage, so there will be a decent amount of storage. But remember that there is no micro SD card slot, so you’re stuck with the 32GB of included storage.

Google is still updating the original Pixel, so it is going to continue to get updates and it is running the latest version of Android. That’s a whole lot more than other sub-$200 smartphones can say right now. In fact, many of those may never get another update, while the Pixel will get another one next month in the form of the March security update.


You can pick up a refurbished Google Pixel from Amazon for just $159 using the link below.

Google Pixel - Amazon - $159

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