Pixel Phone Update Process Tweaked With Latest Android Security Patch


It seems as though Google and the Android team included some new features with the latest Android security update for Google Pixel phone owners.

The features are fairly small, but they are also likely to be useful. At least to some people, and in particular those who care about the update process as the main new features are designed to improve the actual way in which you update your smartphone.

There are two main new features that both apply to the update process. The first is a pausing feature that temporarily stops the update once the user interacts with the device. The idea here is to lessen the demand placed on the phone by the update process, when it is in use and even if the user has initiated the update cycle.


According to the images shown by 9to5 Google, the update screen advises that the update installation has been halted and that it will automatically resume again once the device returns to an idle state.

The second feature revolves around the finishing of the update process. As is usually the case, once the update has been downloaded and installed, the phone requires a restart to finish the update.

Like the pausing feature, if for whatever reason the user wants to remain able to use the phone without restarting, then they can schedule the restart to take place at a later time. Based on the reports, this is not something that's totally up to the user as there's no option to ultimately decide when the update is applied, but if you would prefer for it to take place between 2 and 4 AM – you now have that choice.


To be clear, they are not the only changes included with the update although they are likely to be the more noteworthy. For example, the About Phone section of the settings has also now moved a level higher. The result being users no longer have to tap as many times to reach this section. Again, not a massive change but one that might save a second or two each time.

Previously, the About Phone page was located behind the System tab in the main settings page. Following the update, it is now located on the main settings page putting it on equal-footing with System and the rest of the top-level options.

Those paying extra close attention to the micro changes in Android, may also now note a greater use of Material Design following the update.


The February 2019 Android security patch was officially announced yesterday and as is usually the case with this monthly update its main purpose is to deliver the latest security patches and fixes as quickly as possible. So seeing new features included in these updates can be a little surprising.

At present, and largely due to the lack of device compatibility with the update, it remains to be seen whether any of these features will become available to owners of non-Google-branded devices or whether they will remain as only available to Pixel phone owners.

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