Samsung Reveals New "Over the Horizon" Galaxy S10 Ringtone

Samsung Over the Horizon Ringtone 1

Along with a new exterior design, upgraded internal components and updated software, the Samsung Galaxy S10 series will also introduce a new Over the Horizon ringtone that’s now been revealed by the OEM.

The new interpretation of Samsung’s famous ringtone celebrates the ten-year anniversary of the Samsung Galaxy S flagship smartphone series. Over the previous smartphone generations the ringtone was redone in a number of music genres, ranging from Rock and Symphony Rock to Orchestral Pop and Fusion Jazz, but this year the ringtone was inspired by the ocean, its vastness, and beauty, and has been reimagined as a Classical Crossover musical piece.

This year’s Over the Horizon ringtone was composed by Steven Price, the Academy Award-winning composer that scored the 2013 film Gravity and was involved with other musical compositions for Batman Begins and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, just to name a few. His Over the Horizon composition was performed by the Philharmonia Orchestra at the London Abbey Road Studios and currently acts as the soundtrack of a promotional video published by Samsung Newsroom on YouTube.


The video was filmed off the shore of Sipadan Island in Malaysia and stars Guinness World Record-holding freediver and conservationist, Ai Futaki. The 5-minute clip is mostly filmed underwater and showcases the beauty of marine life, with Samsung claiming that the video is meant to highlight the importance of ocean conservation.

The new Over the Horizon score embedded in the YouTube video below will be the default ringtone for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 series scheduled to be unveiled on February 20. The new lineup is expected to encompass at least three smartphone models including the standard version, the Galaxy S10+, and the Galaxy S10e, the latter of which is supposed to carry the lowest price tag of the three.

Rumors also hinted at a possible fourth variant boasting 5G connectivity but details are scarce, and it remains to be seen if Samsung’s first foldable smartphone based on flexible display technology will have the same ringtone.


While the Samsung Galaxy S10 series represents the OEM’s tenth flagship generation, it’s interesting to note that there have only been eight “Over the Horizon” ringtones over the years. This is due to the fact that the original Samsung Galaxy S launched in 2010 didn’t have this signature sound which was introduced along with the second model in 2011, and because both the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 shared the same Symphony Rock iteration of Over the Horizon, before Samsung mixed things up again with the Galaxy S6 and its ringtone reimagined as an Orchestral Pop tune.

Readers who would like to hear all the versions of Samsung’s iconic ringtone reimagined over the years can head down to Samsung Newsroom where nine Samsung Galaxy S models (save for the original) have been listed alongside their custom ringtones. The page also highlights how the ringtone morphed from the Rock genre into New Age a year later, to Symphony Rock, Orchestral Pop, Fusion Jazz, Crossover, Nordic Orchestra, and now Classical Crossover, in that particular order.