New OnePlus 7 Concept Sports Display Hole & An Unlikely Port

OnePlus 7 concept video image 1

The OnePlus 7 is not scheduled to arrive for another couple of months, and while we wait for more info about the device to surface, a YouTube channel called “Concept Creator” has released a concept design of the device. Details regarding the OnePlus 7 are quite scarce thus far, so this design is more the source’s imagination than anything else, though some of its design is inspired by leaks.

The aforementioned video is embedded down below, and has a duration of less than one minute. In the video itself, you will see the design of this concept phone from pretty much every angle, though no specs are mentioned in it (aside from the Snapdragon 855), which is not exactly surprising as this is just a concept video.

This concept smartphone is made out of metal and glass, while it has three vertically-aligned cameras on the back, and those cameras are not flat with the phone’s back side. An LED flash sits right below the phone’s main cameras, while the company’s logo is also imprinted on the back side of the device. A fingerprint scanner is not visible on the back of the phone, or anywhere else, as it is included below the display, similar to the OnePlus 6T.


On the right-hand side of this smartphone, you will notice the phone’s alert slider which is red-colored and really pops, while a power / lock key is located right below it. The volume up and volume down buttons are included on the left (and they’re quite small), while the SIM tray is accessible from the left as well.

At the top of the phone you will notice a single noise-canceling microphone, while the Type-C USB port is included on the bottom, along with a loudspeaker, and a 3.5mm headphone jack, surprisingly. A 3.5mm headphone jack almost certainly will not be a part of the OnePlus 7, but the designer opted to bring it back in his concept.

The front side of the phone is also shown in the provided video, and it reveals that this concept has a tiny camera hole at the top of the display, and that camera is centered in this case, which is the opposite of what we’ve seen OEMs opt for thus far. A really thin “chin” is located below the display, it’s almost not visible at all, and the phone’s display sports rounded corners. The phone is actually pictured here in a couple of color variants, including Blue, Red, Black, Silver, and Khaki.


Will This Concept Resemble The Real Deal?

We did not see many OnePlus 7 leaks thus far, but two major leaks were quite contradicting. One leak claims that OnePlus is preparing to release a design similar to the one showed off in this video, with a centered display camera hole, and three cameras on the back. Though, truth be said, its “chin” would be a bit thicker according to that leak. The other one claimed that the company is preparing to release a smartphone with a sliding camera mechanism, which would allow OnePlus to make essentially a bezel-less device.

It’s still a bit hard to believe that OnePlus would opt to release a smartphone with a sliding camera mechanism, so the first design makes more sense, at least at the moment. The device will probably arrive in May, and chances are we’ll start seeing more leaks regarding the device’s design soon after MWC 2019 wraps up.