[UPDATED] OnePlus To Show Android-Powered 5G Smartphone This Month


UPDATE: Roland Quandt has reported that both Pete Lau and Carl Pei will show up at MWC 2019, along with British telco EE and Qualcomm's top management.

According to a report by XDA Developers, OnePlus will bring its 5G smartphone prototype to this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. Now, notice that the word "prototype" is in there, as the company is not planning to announce this smartphone at MWC 2019, but will rather show its prototype, just to showcase 5G in action, basically.

The company basically invited everyone to "connect and communicate" over a 5G network, notes the source, while a limited-edition Qualcomm x OnePlus pin badge was also mentioned, as it will be available at MWC 2019. It is worth noting that OnePlus will be located at Qualcomm's stand, not its own, so you will be able to find its 5G prototype at Qualcomm's booth (Hall 3 Stand 3E10).


Yet another first for the rising Android OEM

There are some things that we know will happen in terms of the company's 5G handset, while a ton of additional information leaked at some point. We do know that the phone will be fueled by the Snapdragon 855 64-bit octa-core processor by Qualcomm, and that it will include the company's X50 modem, both of which are required for 5G connectivity.

OnePlus actually confirmed a while back that its 5G smartphone will be quite a bit more expensive than its regular flagship, so it could cost $200-$300 more than the OnePlus 6T. OnePlus exec also confirmed that the company plans to introduce two flagships, so the OnePlus 7 will be announced as well, while the company's 5G flagship will be a separate phone entirely, so you don't have to worry about spending all too much on OnePlus' flagship this year.


OnePlus also revealed its plans to release its 5G smartphone in May 2019, well, at least in the UK, so it will be announced by then. It will, of course, be available in other regions as well, but we do not know the exact info just yet. Chances are that it will not be available in as many regions as the OnePlus 7, as 5G will not hit many regions around the world this year, so OnePlus will probably choose where to sell its 5G-enabled device.

Other Info

OnePlus' 5G handset will be a high-end phone, no doubt about it, as it will ship with Qualcomm's flagship processor, and it will be quite expensive on top of that. So, you can expect at least 6GB of RAM to be included in the device, though there's even a chance OnePlus may raise a bar with this phone, and include 8GB or 10GB of RAM outright, as chances are we will see only one variant of the device out in the market.


Android 9 Pie will come pre-installed on the device, along with OnePlus' OxygenOS, while a large battery is also expected here. OnePlus' Warp Charge fast charging will be a part of the offering as well, quite probably the same one that the company included in the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition.

Now, in terms of the design, we really do not know what to expect, as OnePlus may opt to differentiate this phone from the OnePlus 7 in terms of the design, so who knows what it will opt to do. The device may ship with a sliding camera mechanism, a tiny notch, or a display camera hole, no info leaked just yet.