NO.1 DT28 Smartwatch Announced, It's Already Available For $26.99

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NO.1 has just announced another smartwatch, the DT28. This is the company’s new sporty smartwatch, and it is already available for purchase, more on that later. The NO.1 DT28 is made out of metal, while it comes in two strap options, stainless steel and silicone straps are available. The watch itself, however, is available in Black and Silver variants.

The watch includes two buttons on the right-hand side. Those two buttons do look quite tactile, though we did not get a chance to use them yet. This smartwatch sports a circular display, and this is a color display that we’re looking at here. The NO.1 DT28 smartwatch IP68 certified for water and dust resistance, while it comes with Bluetooth 4.2. A 250mAh battery is included inside of this watch, and

The NO.1 DT28 smartwatch includes a 1.54-inch touch-sensitive display, while it can serve you as a fitness tracker as well, as there are a number of fitness-oriented modes included in its software. This watch has a built-in pedometer, stopwatch, and a heart rate sensor.


The watch can also measure blood pressure, says the company, and you can see notifications on your smartphone using this watch. You can also control your phone’s camera shutter with the NO.1 DT28, and the same goes for music control. The NO.1 DT28 is also a sleep tracker, while you can use it as your alarm clock as well, if you want.

The NO.1 DT28 smartwatch includes 64MB of RAM, 512KB of storage and WeChat comes built in as well. This watch can also act as an anti-theft alarm, as it can raise an alarm if the phone gets disconnected from the watch. The company says that this watch is compatible with Android, but no additional info was provided.

If you opt to purchase this smartwatch, you will get the watch itself, a charging cable, and a user manual which comes in both English and Chinese. In terms of pricing, the watch costs $26.99 at the moment, and it seems like this is a discounted price tag for the watch’s launch, as the device will cost $32 once this sale is over.


You can purchase this gadget on GearBest via the link provided down below. It is also worth noting that NO.1 released a promo video for the DT28 smartwatch, and that video is embedded below for your convenience.

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