Meet The 230 New Emoji Coming To Your Smartphone In 2019

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Unicode has released the class of 2019 emojis, which will bring 59 new emojis to our lives this year. There are 59 new emojis, but there will be about 230 variations of these emojis in total. That is because Unicode does offer different skin tones for many of the "people" emojis out there.

Included in this set of emoji are a new mechanical arm, a deaf person, people holding hands, otter, waffle, ice cube, ringed planet, and a drop of blood. Just to name a few. There is also a new emoji that has gotten a lot of attention. And that's the pinching hand. Of course, that is mostly millennials that are laughing at this emoji, but the girls are definitely going to use it on guys that are annoying them.

Unicode has released a video which shows all of the new emoji that will be coming to your smartphone at some point in the near future. You can check them all out down below.


Unveiling the new emoji is just the first step, however. More will need to be done before you can actually use these new emojis on your smartphone or laptop. Unicode only makes the emoji's possible through, well Unicode. Basically, that is a programming language that works on digital devices so you can use these emojis and that everyone viewing the content can also see it.

These emojis will need to be supported by smartphone makers – traditionally, Apple and Google would build it into their next OS update. That is likely going to happen with iOS 13 and Android Q, respectively. Which are slated to come out later this year. So while there are 230 new emojis coming out for 2019, you may not actually get them all in 2019. It is possible that both Apple and Google could roll them out in an iterative update – Apple typically does this, actually. But we will have to wait and see what both companies say in the coming months.

Emojis have become a very popular way for people to express themselves in text messages and on social media. In fact, often times now, instead of typing a response in actual words, people will just send emojis. They were originally just a few different faces, like a smiley face, a laughing and a crying face. Over the years, many more have come to Unicode and are available on different electronics now.

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In the past couple of years, Unicode has also started adding gender-inclusive emojis and different skin tones, so that everyone is included in these emojis. So instead of only seeing emojis of a man and woman holding hands, you can now get one with two men or two women holding hands. There are even interracial couples in emoji form now. This has bloated the number of emojis out there. For instance with this group, there's only 59 new emojis, but with the different skin tones, there are over 230 different emojis that you'll be able to use. Which puts the total number of emojis available, over 3,000.