Huawei P30 Pro Makes A Surprise Appearance During MWC 2019

Huawei P30 Pro MWC Leak 01 1

The Huawei P30 Pro has been ‘accidentally’ spotted at this year’s MWC event and photographed.

The photos, providing by Digital Trends are said to be the result of a meet with Huawei where for whatever reason the P30 Pro was on show.

In spite of the company having made a number of announcements at the event, including the introduction of the folding Mate X, the P30 Pro was not officially on display or announced. Instead, the common understanding is this phone will be unveiled late next month during a dedicated Huawei event. Which is what makes this spotting all the stranger.


While it is not uncommon for early versions of a device to be on show at an event behind closed doors, it is uncommon for them to be photographed and those photos published, as is the case here.

Providing the photos are correct, then it does seem as though the P30 Pro will look a lot like the P20 Pro, but will also sport some minor changes. For example, while the rear triple camera setup is in a familiar position and largely looks the same as that on the P30 Pro, the setup is now more of a one-piece array. This is compared to the two-piece design that was in effect on the P20 Pro where one camera was separated from the rest.

The unscheduled encounter at MWC 2019 has only resulted in shots of the rear of the phone and this is reportedly due to the front panel having still being in an unfinished state. Therefore, there’s no firm understanding of how the front will look, including what sort of notch will be in effect – previous speculation has pointed to a tear or water-drop notch.

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The same could be said for the software experience as according to Digital Trends this was an official dummy unit and so it was not operational during the encounter.

This also explains why the branding on the rear is not as expected with the dummy unit displaying “Vogue” and “Link” when the expectation is it will sport “Huawei” and “Leica” branding as seen with previous models.

What is of interest is the fact that it has three rear cameras as this seems to be one of the more debatable aspects of late. For example, earlier in February it was suggested the “Pro” model would arrive with four cameras. Although even this has been inconsistent as different leaks have pointed to different four-camera setups. Regardless, based on these images, that’s not going to be the case.


Of course, it is expected that multiple variants of the P3 will launch next month and therefore if the previous leaked renders were also correct, then they might be referring to one of the other versions of the P3 smartphone.

Otherwise, the design seems to be fairly minimalist which is generally the case with the company’s main P and Mate devices. In fact, those who had hands-on time with this phone likened the design of the P30 Pro to a mixture of the two with the overall size in line with the P20 Pro and the edges akin to the design utilized by the Mate 20 Pro.