Huawei's 5G & Foldable Smartphone Leaks Ahead Of MWC 2019

huawei mate x

Mobile World Congress is set to begin in Barcelona next week, with many of the announcements happening this Sunday. However, one of Huawei’s products being announced at MWC has already leaked out. And seeing as this is being shown inside the Fira Gran Via – the venue hosting Mobile World Congress every year – this is about 99-percent accurate.

The device is the Huawei Mate X, and the teaser says “world’s fastest foldable 5G phone.” Confirming that Huawei has added two of the biggest trends in 2019, into the same phone. Samsung just debuted a foldable phone earlier this week at Unpacked, in the Galaxy Fold, and now it looks like Huawei isn’t going to be far behind. The Mate X, appears to have a wrap-around screen, instead of a screen inside and then one on the outside. The billboard doesn’t tell us a lot about the device, but it does look pretty impressive.

Huawei has been teasing its foldable smartphone for quite a few weeks now, leading up to Mobile World Congress next week. The company has a press conference slated for Sunday, where we should be learning more about this phone. It’s a bit surprising to see Huawei showcasing a phone at Mobile World Congress, considering it usually waits to announce their phones at their Spring event in Paris. That’s where the P-series is usually announced. But this foldable 5G smartphone is a welcome change.


At Mobile World Congress next week, there are two trends that are expected to take over the show. That’s 5G and foldable smartphones. 5G has been a big topic at Mobile World Congress in the past few years, so that’s no surprise. But we are not closer than ever, to actually having 5G available in many countries. And we are seeing phones launching with 5G connectivity. Foldable phones aren’t really new either, but their momentum has definitely picked up in the past few months, as more and more companies are showing off their own foldable phones.

It’s possible that this smartphone from Huawei won’t actually launch at Mobile World Congress. This could just be a teaser for Huawei, showing off  the Mate X. However, usually when they show off a prototype like a foldable smartphone, it doesn’t have a name. And given that this does have a name, it may be going on sale at some point this year. What would be interesting, however, is if Huawei can beat Samsung to market with the Mate X. The Galaxy Fold is slated to launch on April 26 in limited regions. If Huawei can get the Mate X out before then, it could really steal a lot of Samsung’s thunder.

We’ll learn a lot more about the Huawei Mate X at Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona. Huawei will likely have some other products being announced at the show next week, but all eyes will be on that foldable smartphone and for good reason. Huawei’s press conference is this Sunday at 2:30PM local time (that’s 8:30AM EST and 5:30AM PST for those in the US).