Save $250 On HP's ENVYx360 Laptop – For A Limited Time


HP is discounting one of its most popular laptops, the ENVY X360 Laptop. This is the 15t model, which sports a 15.6-inch display and a regular price of $999. Today, however, you can pick it up for just $749. That is a really good price for this laptop, considering what you're getting.

The ENVY X360 is a premium laptop, and sports a 15.6-inch Full HD touchscreen display. So you're going to get a great display here and with it being a Full HD resolution touchscreen, you're still going to get some pretty good battery life. Speaking of which, battery life is one of the main selling points of the ENVY X360 15t, so that's a great thing to see here.

Internally, there is an eighth-generation Intel Core i7 which is paired with the Intel HD Graphics 620. But you can also upgrade it to the NVIDIA GeForce MX150 – which also comes with 4GB of dedicated RAM. HP pairs that with 8GB of RAM which is upgradeable to 16GB. There is also 16GB of Intel's Optane Memory available, making this even smoother.


Intel Optane is basically a technology that takes some of the storage from your hard-drive and turns it into memory or RAM. Allowing you to get even more RAM in your laptop, so when you need it, you have it. This is great if you are playing games, or maybe doing some video editing from time to time, as you won't have to worry about whether or not you have enough RAM.

Speaking of storage, out of the box, it comes with 1TB HDD inside. However, you can upgrade that to a 1TB HDD with a 128GB SSD. Or if you want to just get an SSD, you can get a 256GB, 360GB or 512GB SSD inside your new laptop. Solid State Drives are definitely a better option, as they are smaller, quieter and faster.

Enough about what is inside the HP ENVY x360 15t, let's talk about why this is the laptop that you need. And it's quite simple, really. HP is using a chiclet-style keyboard on this laptop, making it easier to type on. Of course, the 15.6-inch display here means there's plenty of space for a full-sized keyboard anyways. It also has Bang & Olufsen included for its speakers. So you'll also get a pretty high-end sounding audio experience. Making this great for watching movies and videos.


If you are on the lookout for a new laptop for school, work or whatever the case might be, the HP ENVY X360 15t is a really good option for a number of reasons. The performance here is top-notch, it also has some pretty decent graphics for the casual gamer out there, and impressive battery life. Not to mention the incredible front-facing speakers.

You can pick up the HP ENVY X360 15t from HP's own website by using the link below. There are also some other great deals going on right now over at HP, which you can also check out at the link below.

Shop HP Deals - HP ENVY x360 15t - - $749

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