How To Factory Reset Google Home


The Google Home, Home Mini and Home Max are all pretty impressive smart speakers from Google, with the Google Assistant built-in. But they are not perfect. You may run into issues where the Google Assistant just isn't responsive, or maybe you want to get rid of your Google Home. That's where a factory reset comes into play.

Factory resetting the Google Home Mini and Home Max are both pretty easy to do, but the Google Home is a bit different, since it's slightly older. Today, we'll walk you through how to factory reset all three models from Google. The Google Home Hub will get a separate tutorial later on, since it is much different than the smart speakers.

How To Factory Reset The Google Home


To factory reset the Google Home, you will first want to make sure that it is plugged in.

Next, press the microphone button the back of the Google Home and hold it for 15 seconds.


Just before the 15 seconds is finished, the Google Home will notify you that it is about to factory reset your speaker. You will want to continue holding the microphone during this time so that it continues through the reset process.

Afterwards, the speaker will reboot and you'll hear the Google Assistant chime. It is completely reset and ready for setup again. If you are selling it or giving it away to someone else, you're all set. But if you want to set it up again, just follow the setup process again and you're all set.

How to Factory Reset Google Home Mini & Home Max


The Google Home Mini and Max were both released a year after the Google Home. Google realized that it needed to give users a better way to factory reset the speakers. So it included an actual factory reset button on the back/bottom of the speaker.

To get started, you'll first want to make sure that the speaker is plugged in.


After that, turn the speaker over.

There's a small circle that is a button just below the USB port. Press that button and hold it until the Assistant says that you're about to reset the speaker. Continue holding until a chime sounds which means that it is rebooting

After this, the Google Home Mini or Home Max will reboot and be fully reset. It doesn't take long either. If you're looking to get rid of your Google Home Mini or Max, then you are all set. If you want to set it up again with your account, you are now free to go through the setup process once again.


Wrap Up

Factory resetting the Google Home, Mini or Max is not a tough thing to do, and only takes a few seconds. Though it can be a bit difficult to figure out how to do it, since there is no option in the Google Home app, surprisingly. You won't need to factory reset these smart speakers often, but it is good to know how to do it, for when it is needed.

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