Believe It Or Not, Google+ Actually Grew Android User Base In The US

Believe it or not, Google+’s Android user base grew in January. Needless to say, this is kind of interesting, and to some of you probably even funny, as Google+ will be shut down soon, at least for consumer use. Google had already started tearing down the social media network, and on April 2 it will be completely gone.

Now, regarding Google+ users, it seems like the numbers grew a bit, at least in the US. According to information provided by, 31,476,670 Android users used Google+ app in the US back in December, and that number grew to 32,454,078, which is almost a 1-million user difference. The same did not happen with iOS users, in fact, that number dropped to 1,750,519, it was slightly higher last month, as you can see in the provided charts down below.

If you’re wondering what the peek number was, at least on Android, the answer is 47,379.926, that was back in April 2018, at least according to the source. Now, also shared some additional info when it comes to the Google+ application, and some of you may actually find it interesting.

According to the source, more male users are using Google+ app, 54.7-percent, while there are also more male active users, compared to female counterparts. Source’s information claims that as far as active users go, the user ratio is 59-percent male, 41-percent female. In case you’re wondering how many weekly active users are there on Google+ (at least as far as the app is concerned), the answer is 960,459. On a daily basis, that number is a lot lower, it comes down to 186.997.

Google+’s Fate

Google had announced back in October last year that Google+ is going away after over 8 years of being available. Google basically said that Google+ is not worth maintaining, and that it has decided to drop the project completely. Google said that Google+ failed to capture a significant number of both users and developers, and singled out that as the main reason for its move.

Google+ engagement rates are also nothing to write home about, back in October, 90-percent of all sessions lasted under five seconds. In any case, Google+ was supposed to be gradually discontinued over the next ten months, that was the plan back in October, which means that the final removal of everything was supposed to happen in August, but things changed since then.

Back in December, a new Google+ was discovered, a bug that affected 52.5 million users, which prompted Google to speed up Google+ demise. The final shutdown date was moved up to April, and on April 2, Google+ will cease to exist for consumers. The bug was discovered in an unspecified API back in November, actually, but nothing had been made public until December, and it seems like that bug was quite significant.

Google+ was supposed to be Google’s Twitter and Facebook competitor, and at first, it seemed like the company will be able to push the social network to become quite important, but those hopes quickly evaporated. Google+ was basically stagnating for quite a while until Google finally decided to shut it down, even though it has a considerable number of users, and some users still enjoy using the platform to this day.

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