Google Messages v4.0 Allows You To Rename Group Chats & More


Google's Messages application is now receiving a new update, and it is actually getting some rather major changes in this update, changes that many of you will probably appreciate. This update comes with a version 4.0, and if you're not willing to wait for it to arrive to your phone, the download link is included below the article. That being said, let's see what's new in this version, as some new features are here.

In Google Messages v4.0, you can rename group chats, which is arguably the biggest change in this update. Many users are utilizing groups chats, even when it comes to SMS, so if you're one of them, you will learn to appreciate this, as your group chat can now actually have a name, instead of a bunch of names thrown in there. This is a feature that many other SMS apps already have, and it's about time Google Messages offers it as well. If you'd like to change the name of a group chat, simply navigate to Group Details, and look at a newly-added field at the top of the overflow menu.

Google Messages v4.0 also add new colors for non-pictured contacts, which is actually a similar update to the one that Google Contacts application received back in October. This is basically a new styling for your contacts that do not have pictures, and that style is now available in Google Messages as well. The background of icons next to contact names now offer more vibrant colors, and the letters are white now, you can see the comparison in the gallery down below.


What has yet to arrive but is expected to

That's pretty much it as far as changes in Google Messages 4.0 are concerned, but some new features may be coming, at least according to info that the source dug out from Google Messages 4.0. During the app teardown, indications of reminders were found, reminders to turn off airplane mode, to be more specific. A new line of code basically suggests that Google Messages will warn you if you forget to turn off airplane mode, though this feature is not yet available in the app.

Another line of code suggests that Google Messages may allow for generic file sending in the near future. One line of code referred to a file as a "file", instead of "photo" or "video", which is what it usually refers it to, depending on the file type. So it is possible that Google may be looking to add such a feature to Google Messages, so that files can be sent from one Google Messages app to the other.


In addition to all this, some sort of an advanced setting related to RCS was also found. The first few lines in that code ask the user to insert a phone number to finish setting up chat features, which is somewhat odd, mainly because RCS would usually use the phone numbers that are provided already. In any case, that line of code suggests some new RCS-related features are coming down the road, or at least that Google is testing them as we speak, as those tests are not a guarantee we'll see such features implemented in the app.

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