Google Becomes Cloud Provider For Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors Google Cloud 1

Google has become the official cloud provider for the Golden State Warriors. The company will not only be furnishing the team and its associated Chase Center stadium, but will also be working with the team to maximize its usage of those services. Naturally, this arrangement also means that Google will be running any cloud backend services the stadium may need, even for events that don’t involve the Golden State Warriors.

One of the first use cases planned in this arrangement is taking advantage of the analytics capabilities built into Google’s cloud services stack to help gather and analyze data about things like team performance, strategy, coaching, and more. Analytics will also be used to help with things like fan traffic in the stadium and making the front desk more efficient.

The Golden State Warriors actually have a dedicated analytics team. At present, that team spends about 70% of its time obtaining and organizing data, and only 30% actually gleaning insights from it and creating action plans. Google has a number of automated data collection and organization tools that will be put in place, including options like Cloud Dataflow, BigQuery, Colab, Cloud Composer and Google Data Studio.


Implementing all of this software will make it easier for the analytics team to figure out what the data means and how to act on it. This will stretch across all of the aforementioned areas, including everything that happens in the Chase Center.

Another planned use case is using Google Cloud tech to help create and manage more engaging fan experiences off the court. The backend for the mobile apps and web experiences for both the team and the center will be handled through Google’s suite of cloud services. Unique experiences delivered through those channels, meanwhile, will be developed and driven by Firebase, App Engine, and other building technologies implemented in the Google Cloud Platform stack.

These are just the planned use cases for Google Cloud Platform out of the gate. Google is going to be working together with the team to continue finding new ways to leverage the power of the cloud in order to increase efficiency, create new experiences, and improve every facet of the player, fan, and staff experience.


A partnership of this sort for cloud services is actually unprecedented. The Chase Center is going to open in September of this year, and Google Cloud Platform will have its tendrils in every little thing that happens in the place. The same can be said of the Golden State Warriors. Google Cloud Platform’s analytics tools will follow the team wherever it goes, and will be watching things in the Chase Center when other teams play there.

Naturally, events not related to basketball will probably also be happening at the center at some point, like concerts, community events and more. Google will be on top of those, too. Google Cloud Platform will be putting everything through its analytics platforms to figure out where, when, and how things can be improved for the future good of the center.