Google Pledges To Invest $13 Billion In The U.S. This Year

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced the company’s investment plans for the U.S. throughout 2019 in a recent blog post, revealing major expansions in 14 states and a new wave of investments of more than $13 billion in new data centers and offices across the country. Following these investments in the Midwest, South, Northeast, and West, Google is expected to expand its footprint over a total of 24 states across the U.S. by the end of the year.

2019 will be the second consecutive year in which Google will expand faster outside of the Bay Area than in it, following last year’s round of investments worth $9 billion. This year, $13 billion will be invested in the construction of new data centers and offices while expanding existing ones across the country. The company expects more than 10,000 construction jobs to be created by this endeavor in various states including Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Virginia.

In the Midwest, the tech giant will develop new data centers in Nebraska and Ohio, while expanding existing ones in Chicago. Meanwhile, in the coming months, the offices in Wisconsin will be relocated into a larger space.


In the South, Google’s workforce in both Virginia and Georgia is expected to double following the construction of new offices in both states as well as a new data center in Virginia. Likewise, Texas should have a new Google office and data center by the end of the year, while existing data centers in South Carolina and Oklahoma will expand further.

In the Northeast, a new office will be built for Massachusetts which already hosts one of Google’s largest sales and engineering communities outside of the Bay Area. At the same time, the Google Hudson Square campus in New York will continue to be pushed towards the finish line this year, however, the tech giant expects the campus to be operational sometime before 2022.

Last, but not least, in the West of the United States, Google is now building the first data center in Nevada, while the office in Washington is expected to further expand throughout the year. The Spruce Goose hangar and Westside Pavilion mall in Los Angeles will also continue to be redeveloped into office spaces with the help of this new round of investments. Its plans for converting part of the Westside Pavilion shopping mall into a new campus were revealed in January by the property’s co-owners Hudson Pacific Properties and Macerich. The news broke after Google signed a 14-year lease on the property, and the co-owners claimed that to their knowledge, Google’s new campus will be a “Class A creative office space.”


Google’s end goal for expanding more outside of the Bay Area is to improve its products and deliver better services to its customers and business partners around the world. About a year ago the tech giant also invested €250 million for the construction of a new data center in Belgium, and last August it confirmed the building of a new data center in Singapore, but no additional details regarding potential investments outside of the United States throughout 2019 were revealed in the latest blog post.