Samsung Galaxy S10 Dummy Units Appear With Believable Design

Galaxy S10 dummy units 111

Samsung Galaxy S10 dummy units have emerged online, offering what is arguably the closest preview to the final product before it will be officially introduced later this month. Specifically, dummy units for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 and its larger counterpart, the Galaxy S10+ have started showing up on camera earlier this week through photos shared by SlashLeaks as well as in a recent video uploaded by tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee. The units can be seen from all angles in the image gallery and video below, leaving very little to the imagination.

In general, smartphone dummies are either used by brick & mortar smartphone retailers to keep on their shelves and by the case manufacturing industry to create their products according to official specifications ahead of a smartphone’s market launch. Having said that, although these dummy units don’t contain any internal hardware, they should be very accurate in regards to their overall dimensions and exterior design, even in situations where their build quality might not necessarily be on par with the real product. Case in point, the dummies in question are wrapped in plastic instead of actual glass.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ have been subjected to numerous leaks over the past several months, and the more recent leaks came in the form of high-quality renders showcasing the look of the phones in various colors and from different angles. But while renders can be faked with relative ease, creating a fake dummy unit would pose a higher challenge so all in all, the leaked units shown below are as close to the final product as possible. Unsurprisingly, they look exactly like some of the more recently-leaked renders, boasting a glass-sandwich design and with the only exception being that they lack the Samsung branding.


As expected, the Samsung Galaxy S10 models represented by these dummy units are both being confirmed to feature three rear-facing cameras accompanied by an LED flash, as well as the heart rate sensor which has been included in all of Samsung’s flagship phones since the introduction of the Galaxy S5 in 2014.

The front panel differs slightly from one model to the other in that the Samsung Galaxy S10 has a single front-facing camera and a smaller 6.1-inch display, whereas the Galaxy S10+ has two selfie shooters and a larger 6.4-inch panel. The front-facing cameras for both phones are housed within the display and are visible through a couple of so-called punch-holes, instead of residing on the top bezel.

Lastly, both devices feature a physical Bixby button, a SIM card tray at the top, and a USB Type-C connector on the bottom edge, flanked by a speaker, a microphone, and the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack.

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 series will be introduced by the OEM at its Unpacked event scheduled for February 20, and aside from the two models represented by these dummy units, the OEM is also expected to unveil a budget-friendlier and smaller Galaxy S10 accommodating only two rear-facing cameras. But so far the two models shown below have remained in the forefront as the two main variants to look forward to. The sought-after foldable smartphone could also make an appearance but this remains uncertain.