Galaxy Note 10 To Include Four Rear-Facing Cameras: Report

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 series was announced only a couple of days ago, and the Galaxy Note 10 rumors are already popping up. According to a report by SamMobile, the Galaxy Note 10 will ship with four cameras.

SamMobile notes that the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 flagship bears the SM-N975F model number, and some of you are probably wondering why this model number ends with a “5”, instead of “0”, like previous iterations. Well, it’s possible that this is a 5G variant of the phone, as Samsung will probably offer both 4G and 5G variants of the device.

5G networks won’t exactly be properly operational, at least the vast majority of them won’t, by the time the Galaxy Note 10 arrives, so releasing both variants is probably a good call for Samsung. The company already did something similar with the Galaxy S10, as the Galaxy A10 5G is a completely separate handset.


The source did not confirm whether the Galaxy Note 10 will sport the same camera setup as the Galaxy S10 5G, but based on previous iterations of the Galaxy Note series, that’s quite likely. The Galaxy Note usually borrows cameras from the most powerful Galaxy S10 model which was released earlier in the year, and Samsung makes some additional software improvements to such hardware for the Galaxy Note series launches.

There is a chance that the Galaxy Note 10 ends up sporting three cameras like the Galaxy S10+, while the Galaxy Note 10 5G ends up sporting four like the Galaxy S10 5G, but we’re only guessing here, the source mentioned the Galaxy Note 10 series as a whole in terms of camera count, so we’ll go with that.

The source notes that the Galaxy Note 10 name has not been confirmed just yet, but Samsung will probably stick to that naming, despite some rumors that surfaced recently. Recent rumors actually suggested that the company is looking to rebrand its flagship lineups, but if that happens, chances are it will happen next year, even though it’s hard to imagine that the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lineups will no longer be a thing, so take such rumors with a grain of salt.


What Else To Expect?

The Galaxy Note series handsets are usually quite similar to the Galaxy S10 series when it comes to the design, and chances are the same will be the case this year. The Galaxy Note 10 will be made out of metal and glass, though a version with a ceramic backplate may be thrown into the mix as well.

The device will be slightly redesigned, it will probably sport different corners or something of the sort, and a curved display will make a comeback. The phone will probably sport a display that is slightly larger than the one on the Galaxy S10, so we’re expecting to see either a 6.5 or 6.6-inch display on the Galaxy Note 10.


The S Pen stylus will make a comeback, of course, while the device will ship in both Exynos 9820 and Snapdragon 855 SoC variants. The phone will sport an in-display fingerprint scanner, an ultrasonic one, just like the Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10 5G. On top of all that, you can expect to see a larger battery included, and at least 8GB of RAM on the inside.