Here's The Very Best Third-Party Twitter Android Apps For 2019

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Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks in the world, and the company’s official Android application has gotten a lot better in the last couple of years. The company is constantly improving the application, and for many that alone will be more than enough for a good Twitter experience.

That said, there are some alternatives that you may want to consider, and we’ll highlight them here. Most of the apps in this list are full-fledged replacements for Twitter’s official app while some are just simply Twitter-related apps. So if you are interested in a slightly different Twitter experience then check out the list in full as the apps are not listed in any particular order.

Talon for Twitter


Talon for Twitter is one of the best rated third-party Twitter apps in the Google Play Store, and for a good reason. This application has been around for a long time, and even though it’s not free, many people do agree it’s well worth the money due to the number of additional features it brings to the table.

This app comes with custom pages for the main screen (swipeable), while both Night Mode and DND mode are also included in the package. In addition, there’s a Compact Timeline Layout option, and you can follow threads and view replies to any tweet using Talon. It also comes with support for two accounts.


Talon for Twitter (Play Store)

Owly for Twitter


Owly for Twitter is also a great choice if you’re looking to replace Twitter’s main application. This app comes with the “Tweet Digest” feature which lets you get tweet roundups at specific times (customizable), while various quick action options are available in the app as well. You can hide tweets that you don’t like, and a rather powerful filter is also available.

This app is extremely customizable and you can change themes, headers, transition animations, font, and much more.

Owly for Twitter (Play Store)


Fenix 2 for Twitter

Fenix 2 for Twitter is a follow-up to the original Fenix app, and it’s also a full-fledged replacement for Twitter’s main app, but it’s also not free. In comparison, it costs a dollar more than Talon does. This app comes with a ton of features as well, including support for multiple accounts, customizable main screen, nicely-designed conversations layouts, mute system, various themes that you can choose from, and much more.


It’s one of the best alternatives to the official application.

Fenix 2 for Twitter (Play Store)

Download Twitter Videos


Download Twitter Videos — as you can probably tell based on the name — is not a full-fledged Twitter app, but an app with a specific purpose. This application lets you download videos from Twitter, the same goes for animated images (GIFs). You can choose the video resolution before you download and the app will also show you the size of the download before you proceed.

This app actually comes with a built-in video player, and you have two ways to download videos from Twitter. There’s also quite a few options available in the app making it one of the best Twitter video downloaders on the market.


Download Twitter Videos (Play Store)

TweetCaster for Twitter

TweetCaster for Twitter is yet another alternative for Twitter’s main app, and it comes in two versions, free and paid. The paid version will basically remove ads from the app.

This app comes with various photo effects that you can add to your photos, while a scrollable widget is also a part of the package. You can create smart lists, and various themes are available here, while you can also apply different filters to your timeline. Among the many other features this app has to offer, there’s also a “Read Later” option.

TweetCaster for Twitter (Play Store)

TweetCaster Pro for Twitter (Play Store)

Plume for Twitter

Much like TweetCaster, Plume for Twitter comes in two variants, and the premium option will remove ads from the app. Plume comes with multiple accounts support, and a scrollable widget is also part of the package. In addition, this app also comes with support for Facebook, and the app as a whole is extremely customizable. Some of the other notable features include a built-in browser and bit.ly support for URLs.

Plume for Twitter (Play Store)

Plume Premium for Twitter (Play Store)

Fake Tweets

Fake Tweets is an app that you can use to have some fun and prank your friends. This is not a Twitter client, but an app that matches with the official Twitter app in the design department and basically allows you to create fake Tweets that look realistic. Fake profiles are also available to prime account users. You can create tweets with images, polls, replies, and more with everything customizable enough to create a perfect fake tweet.

Fake Tweets (Play Store)

Finch for Twitter

Finch for Twitter is another Twitter client that is worth checking out. It comes with a ton of features, including a rather powerful filter that will make it possible for you to see only tweets that interest you. It also includes an interesting editor for posting longer than usual tweets. This app comes with multiple accounts support, and has built-in search functionality.

The app also supports push notifications, and has a custom UI for tablets, among other things.

Finch for Twitter (Play Store)

Friendly For Twitter

Friendly for Twitter is the last app on this list, and another Twitter app replacement. This app is actually built as an extension to Twitter’s mobile website, and the company claims that it takes up less battery than most alternatives out there. This app comes with a Twitter video downloader, and support for multiple accounts. You can also easily change the theme of the app as well.

Friendly For Twitter (Play Store)