The Best Bluetooth Speakers You Can Buy – February 2019


Bluetooth speakers are a great smartphone accessory to pick up for a few reasons. As it allows you to play music from your smartphone in your home, and also get some better sounding audio – in most cases. Nowadays with most smartphones dropping the headphone jack, Bluetooth speakers are becoming more popular because users still want to listen to their music, and Bluetooth is the way to go.

With that said, we have rounded up the very best Bluetooth Speakers that you can currently buy. These are all available right now, and not up for pre-order.

JBL Flip 4


The JBL Flip 4 is a slightly older Bluetooth speaker, compared to the others on this list. But that means it's even cheaper now. The Flip 4 is a great pick up since it is waterproof and does offer 360-degree audio. This means you are going to get some great sounding audio, that can fill up the entire room.

The audio quality is pretty good on the Flip 4, as you'd expect from a JBL speaker. But if you want more sound, you can pair it up with some other JBL speakers and get even better sounding audio. This is thanks to the JBL Connect+ functionality. And you can pair it up with other Flip 4 speakers or other JBL speakers.


With the Flip 4, it is waterproof, so you can use it in the shower, in the pool or even outside in the rain. This makes it a very versatile speaker that can be used virtually anywhere.

The JBL Flip 4 comes in a slew of different colors and patterns, so you can get the color that best suites your style. You can pick it up for just $74.95 right now (it's normally $110) through Amazon using the link below.

JBL Flip 4 - Amazon - $75

Anker Soundcore


If you aren't too worried about the sound quality and want a speaker with long battery life and a cheap price, the Anker Soundcore is a really good option.

Anker Soundcore will offer around 24 hours of battery life on a charge, which is enough to get you through a couple of days of work. It also has enhanced range of around 66-feet over Bluetooth. Which is good enough for staying connected throughout your home.


Now the sound quality on the Anker Soundcore is not as good as what JBL or Sony will provide you with. This is largely because it is a cheaper and smaller speaker. But it is not terrible. The main thing you would be missing is a lot of bass. There is some, but it's not a ton like with Sony's Extra Bass speakers. For most, this is going to be perfectly fine though.

The Anker Soundcore is available for around $24.99 right now, it is normally closer to $30. You can pick it up from Amazon using the link below.

Anker Soundcore - Amazon - $25

Sony SRS-XB41


The Sony SRS-XB41 has something that these other Bluetooth speakers do not have, and that is LED lights. This speaker can really get your party going. It has LED lights all around the speaker and then strobe lights inside as well. So you can really feel like a DJ at a party with this speaker.

Battery life is still pretty impressive on the Sony SRS-XB41, but the lights do decrease the battery a bit. With the lights on, you'll get around 14 hours of continuous playback. With them off, that jumps to 24 hours – similar to the Anker Soundcore's battery life.


Sony is pretty well-known for its great sound quality, and the SRS-XB41 is no exception. This one offers up a pretty good experience, with crystal clear mids and highs. But this is part of Sony's Extra Bass lineup, which means you're getting some pretty insane bass as well. The bass is very deep and boomy, which sounds great with Rap and Hip Hop music which both have plenty of bass.

Sony's SRS-XB41 is not a cheap Bluetooth speaker, but it is a great one to choose from. It is currently priced at $198, which is down from its regular price of $249. You can pick up the Sony SRS-XB41 from Amazon using the link below.

Sony SRS-XB41 - Amazon - $198

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II


The Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II is another good speaker to pick up, primarily because it is pretty small and still offers some great audio. This is a Bose speaker, so you already know what to expect. And that is some high-end audio out of this speaker. The Bose SoundLink Color  also comes in multiple colors, as you can tell by the name, this includes black, blue, red, white and a few more. 

With the SoundLink Color, you're getting a Bluetooth speaker that can ideally fit in your pocket. It does have some great sounding audio with crisp mids and highs, and a decent amount of bass included. Which might be a bit surprising for a speaker of this size. Bose has also included a 3.5mm jack so that you can plug your smartphone directly into the speaker and play music that way – which will provide less lag.

The only real downside to the Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II is the battery life. It is rated at about eight hours of continuous playback. Where others on this list are closer to around 12 or more. 

You can pick up the Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II from Amazon for just $129 right now, through the link down below.

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II - Amazon - $129

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3

Getting into the larger Bluetooth speakers, here is the Ultimate Ears BOOM 3. This one was just announced last fall, and is the successor to the very popular BOOM 2. This is another 360-degree Bluetooth speaker. Meaning it will fill up the room with audio fairly easily, without worrying about someone else not hearing the speaker.

The BOOM 3 also comes in a slew of colors, and Ultimate Ears does usually launch new designs for its speakers after a few months. You can get it in a black, red, blue and purple for now though.

With the BOOM 3, you are getting some great audio quality, and audio that gets very loud. In fact, you may be surprised at how loud it can actually get. This is all done without distorting the audio quality too, and that is always a good thing.

Battery life on the BOOM 3 is not the strong suit, but given how great the audio quality is and the size of this speaker, 14 hours of continuous playback is pretty respectable. That will get you through a full day and then some.

You can pick up the Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 for as low as $128.99. Amazon has different prices for each color right now, but the regular price is $149.99. You can pick it up from the link below.

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 - Amazon - $128.99

Sony GTKXB90

If you are looking for some real power out of your Bluetooth speaker, then the Sony GTKXB90 is the one to get. It definitely doesn't have a great name, but it is the largest speaker on this list. 

Similar to the SRS-XB41 also on this list, the GTKXB90 does also have LED lights and strobe lights built-in, which you can control with Sony's app on the Play Store. You can really make it feel like a part with this one. And it can also be paired with another Sony GTKXB90, for even better sounding audio. 

Speaking of audio, it will blow you away on the GTKXB90, literally. This is a pretty large speaker, so as you might expect, it has a ton of audio power available. This is an Extra Bass model, so there is also some pretty deep bass available. If you are an audiophile and want to throw a party, this is not a bad option at all.

Something that might surprise everyone is that, this is still a portable speaker. Yes, it has a battery built-in. And surprisingly, it can last up to 16 hours on a charge. Likely a bit more with the lights turned off. Sony has also included a handle on the top and bottom, making it easier to pick it up and move it around.

The Sony GTKXB90 is a really good speaker to pick up, it comes in both black and blue colors. It is priced at $448, which is not cheap, but definitely worth it if you host a lot of parties. You can pick it up from Amazon using the link below. 

Sony GTKXB90 - Amazon - $448

Wrap Up

This list has Bluetooth speakers of all different sizes and price points. Whether you just want a speaker to listen to music when you are working or studying, or want something to use for a party, all of those options are available on this list. The Sony options are some of our favorites, mostly because of the LED Lights that are included, and really give you a pretty unique experience. But that does also make these a bit more expensive.

The JBL Flip 4 will likely be the best for everyone. As it offers great sound, great battery life and it is waterproof, all at a pretty low price. But you really can't go wrong with any of the options on this list.