Add The All-New Amazon Echo Plus To Your Home For $119 – Amazon Deals


Amazon is discounting the Echo Plus second-generation today, dropping the price down to just $119. That is good for around $30 off of its regular price, making this a really good time to pick one up and add one to your home.

The Echo Plus is a larger Echo, but it is also doubles as a smart home hub. So you wouldn't need to buy a hub like the Philips Hue Bridge to control your new smart lights, and so forth. This makes it a really viable purchase for those looking to make their home a bit smarter.

Since it is an Echo, Alexa is also built-in. And you're going to be able to ask her all sorts of questions, but most importantly, stream music. With the Echo Plus being bigger, it can now output more audio and also offer better sounding audio. Amazon worked with Dolby to get the audio tuned on the Echo Plus, so it actually sounds really incredible.


If you're looking for a smart light to pick up too, Amazon is still bundling a free smart light bulb with the Echo Plus and it is also priced at $119 right now.

You can pick up the new Echo Plus from Amazon using the link below.

Amazon Echo Plus - Amazon - $119