4 Apps To Stay In Touch With Your Favorite Sport

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Just like physical exercise keeps your body fit and your mind active, watching sports can be a kind of exercise in entertainment. A good ending to a productive day, most people agree, is to sit in front of a TV with a cold one in hand and a game on the screen. Whatever sport is your cup of tea, men and women both find watching competitive games not only engaging and intriguing but for some, it is more than just a past time; it becomes an obsession.

A television screen is well and good for watching a game, but in today’s competitive world it is also a little impossible. Games happen around the world, in different time zones, and to keep on the top of things while still fulfilling all your other duties, sports apps are a godsend.

Here are four great apps for you to keep tabs on your favorite sport:


1. SofaScore

SofaScore aims at keeping sports lovers informed with every single result of every single fixture or cup in their day to day. The app misses nothing and is an ample directory of all different types of sports, be it cricket, soccer, water polo, badminton, ice hockey, snooker, or ever darts.

The app is arranged in categories pertaining to all the leagues a sport is divided into, each having a numeric code corresponding to the number of leagues, sections, and subcategories. You can monitor your preferred team or any specific player by choosing them as your favorite, adjusting how often the app alerts you during any game so that you don’t miss even a single moment.


Finding the results of a match is super easy. All you must do is search for it in the corresponding sport and league. Once you have the match page, you can see all the information about it, including match points, location, who won and who scored, and every other detail particular to that game. You could use this detailed information to boost your personal knowledge, to bet on the sport with sportsbook apps like Bet365 (read about the pros and cons of bet365 app), or could even invest this data into becoming the local know-all sports guy/gal in your favorite pub. The choice is yours.

SofaScore (Play Store)

2. FlashScore


For the fastest possible live scores, stats draw and competition tables, FlashScore is a name unto itself. It offers statistics and results for nearly 30 sports and 5000+ competitions worldwide, with 1000+ football competitions alone. When a goal is scored, a red or yellow card issued, or a set or period completed, FlashScore claims to provide the information to their online audience at the same time as the live audience will see it happen, through second by second up-to-date live text commentaries. Live tables also show if a single goal has changed league ranking, as well as who is on the top spot now.

You can also choose to follow just your own favorite matches, teams and competitions, meaning there won’t be any more missed matches or time wasted with teams that you don’t care about. The app is all about customizing notifications specific to the user, syncing personalized data across all your different devices, be it a computer, mobile or tablet.

FlashScore (Play Store)



ESPN app covers all major sports inside and outside of the US, including but not limited to football, baseball, basketball, soccer, Formula One and cricket. Each sport appears as a separate tab on the ESPN app, and you can just swipe your finger across the screen to access a different game.

ESPN gives the user the ability to select their own favorite teams, from any sport, and puts their results on the front page of the app so that they are easier to access. Not only that, but it also provides video highlights, so that a user might see all the action from their phone without missing out on any golden moments.


The app focuses on customized notifications to make it more user-friendly and give the user power to choose how they want to be alerted when something happens in a game featuring their favorite team. These notifications could include kickoff times, scores, substitutions, etc., as well as breaking news and game analysis.

ESPN (Play Store)

4. Yahoo Sports


The Yahoo Sports app is your magic ball when it comes to finding out what’s happening in the world of sports. You can keep track of your favorite teams, sports, and players, along with stay up-to-date with the latest news and exciting analysis. The app provides live scores, standings, stats, and results, along with analysis and content from world-class bloggers and experts.

Yahoo Sports allows you to curate the app in such a way that it focuses on your favorite teams and sports, also letting you pick and track your Yahoo Fantasy players. You can choose to be notified about news, highlights, upcoming games, and stats. The app provides game and news video headlights, along with live streaming events like the NFL, NBA, etc.

Yahoo Sports (Play Store)