The Best Super Bowl 53 TV Deals


Super Bowl 53 is in less than two weeks, on February 3 from Atlanta, Georgia. And if you don't already have a new TV, you're going to want to pick one up, to watch the biggest sporting event of the year.

Besides Black Friday, this is the other time of the year when TVs are massively discounted. Allowing you to find a good TV at a pretty good price. We have rounded up the best TV deals available ahead of the Super Bowl. These include some of the more high-end TVs, as well as some of the cheaper large TVs out there. So that there is something for everyone.

LG B8 OLED Series TV


LG has discounted its B8 OLED Series for the Super Bowl, with the 55-inch coming in at $1299 and the 65-inch at $2299. These are the same prices that LG offered during the holiday season. So it's a pretty good deal on the best OLED TV that is currently available.

OLED is more expensive than a regular LCD TV, and there's a good reason for it. OLED TVs offer up richer colors, and deeper blacks. This is mainly because each individual pixel is lit up. With the B8 series from LG, you're getting Dolby Vision included with HDR, so you're going to get a really good looking picture for the Super Bowl.


This is a smart TV, with LG's webOS software built-in, allowing you to watch all sorts of movies and TV shows. It makes for a great TV for cordcutters. It has Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies & TV, Netflix, Hulu and much more. LG has also included the Google Assistant in this TV, so users can ask the Assistant to play something on the TV, as well as asking it to control the smart home products in your home.

The B8 OLED Series comes in two sizes – 55 and 65-inches – and can be picked up from Amazon using the link below.

LG B8 OLED Series TV - Amazon - $1499-$2299

Samsung Q6F QLED Series TV



Samsung's QLED TVs are not quite on the same level as LG's OLED TVs, but it's pretty close. And it is offered in many more sizes. Starting at 49-inches for $798, ranging to the 82-inch for $2997.


Using Quantum Dots on this TV means that you're going to be able to get some really good looking pictures out of the Q6F. Samsung's Q Color feature will push the boundaries of color on this panel. Paired with Q Contrast, you're going to get some really rich colors that are also true-to-life. This one, unfortunately does not include Dolby Vision, but it does have Q HDR, for some great dynamic range.

Samsung uses its own Tizen operating system on its QLED TVs, which does bring many of the more popular apps. This includes Netflix, Google Play Movies & TV, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and much more.

The Samsung Q6F series is available from Amazon in 49, 55, 65, 75 and 82-inches, and you can pick them up using the link below.

Samsung Q6F QLED Series TV - Amazon - $798-$2997

TCL S425 Series Roku Smart TV

This is TCL's more mid-range TV, but it still sports Roku and 4K HDR, giving you a great picture for a pretty low price. It is available in 43 and 50-inch models.


TCL is using an LCD panel here, so the colors are not as vibrant as the OLED and QLED TVs also on this list. However, the picture quality is still pretty impressive for the price. TCL does not have Dolby Vision, that is saved for its higher-end Series 6. 4K HDR is supported, with HDR 10 and HLG standards being supported. This means that you will still get a really great looking image with plenty of dynamic range.

With TCL using Roku on its TVs, it makes it a dream for cordcutters. Since Roku supports a number of apps, and has over half a million movies and TV shows available. You'll find popular names like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV and much more. So you'll never have to worry about not having anything to watch.

The TCL S425 comes in 43-inch and 50-inch models at $259 and $319 prices, respectively. You can pick up either of these from Amazon using the link below.

TCL S425 Series Roku Smart TV - Amazon - $259-$319

Toshiba Fire TV Edition TVs

Toshiba has partnered with Amazon to put Fire TV inside its TVs – similar to TCL and Roku above. The Toshiba TVs offer a pretty decent TV for a pretty low price. The range includes 43, 50 and 55-inches.

These are all 4K TVs, as that is really the only type of TV you should be buying in 2019, as more and more people are adding 4K content. There's also HDR support with HDR10 and HLG standards available. Essentially, this means that you are going to get a good picture, but not the best picture. This is because Dolby Vision is not supported here, and this is an LCD TV instead of an OLED or QLED TV.

With Fire TV being built into this TV, you're going to get some great content to watch, without needing to plug anything in. This includes content from Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, DIRECTV NOW, Sling TV and more. Unfortunately, Google's services are not available on Fire TV.

The Toshiba Fire TV Edition is available in 43-inches for $199, 50-inch for $299 and 55-inch for $399. You can pick these up from Amazon using the link below.

Toshiba Fire TV Edition TVs - Amazon - $199-$399

Wrap Up

All of the TVs here have their strengths and weaknesses. If you are looking for a TV, and money is no object, then LG's OLED TVs are the way to go. They offer the best looking picture in the industry, and also have some pretty good sound to go with it.

But if you're on a budget, and still want a big screen TV, TCL's Roku TVs are a great option as well. These offer a great looking picture – and also have 4K and HDR support – as well as having Roku built-in. Which is going to provide a lot more apps than Samsung or LG's more expensive TVs.

No matter which TV you choose, as long as you get something over 50-inches, you're going to have a great experience watching the Los Angeles Rams take on the New England Patriots in a couple of weeks at Super Bowl 53.