The Very Best Apps For Dealing With Taxes & Tax Deductions

Many of you are probably already thinking about paying your taxes, tax returns and what not, as the tax season is right around the corner. Well, if that is the case, and you would like to have an app on your phone which can help you with all that, we’re here to try and help you. There are not that many tax-related applications in the Google Play Store, at least not ones that are aimed at the US and are actually good, so we had to be really picky when it comes to assembling this list. Down below, you will find five applications all of which are supposed to help you file your taxes and get the most out of tax deductions, one way or the other. Having said that, please do note that these apps are not listed in a specific order, just because an app is first on the list doesn’t really mean much.


TurboTax is one of the most tax-related applications for Android, and a recently-published report confirms it. As the tax season approaches, downloads for TurboTax have increased quite a bit. So, why is TurboTax so popular? Well, this app basically allows you to take a photo of your W-2, answer some simple questions about yourself, and e-file it from your Android device, securely, of course. The company behind TurboTax, Intuit, will actually double check your entries just to make sure they’re done right. This app also gives you access to a specialist which can provide you with customized answers to your questions, and guide you through the tax-filing process by drawing on your screen, using the app. Features like this are for paid customers, most advanced features are, but for some basic functionality, the app is free to use. This app has a ton of features, many of which are listed in its Play Store listing, so if you’d like to know more about that, follow the link down below. It is also worth noting that this app has a really simple design, and using it should not be a problem to anyone, even though it’s one of the most functional, if not the most functional, tax-related app.

H&R Block Tax Prep and File

H&R Block Tax Prep and File application is a great TurboTax alternative, actually. This is yet another really serious application which offers a ton of features. If you need any info regarding taxes, whether be it filing for tax returns or whatever else, you can communicate with experts via this application. It really doesn’t matter if you’re self-employed, complex filer, or something else entirely, this application can import 1099s from financial institutions without a problem, or automatically add self-employed expenses if needed. This app comes with Stride integration, which makes adding self-employed expenses a breeze, while it gives you a direct 1040 PDF access. You can take a picture or upload PDFs of your tax docs via this app, and you’ll be requested to pay up only when you’re ready to file, everything else is free of charge.

QuickBooks Self-Employed: Mileage Tracker and Taxes

QuickBooks application is a great app for you if you’re self-employed, a freelancer or an independent contractor, as this app is made especially for such situations / people. QuickBooks will help you organize your finances and at the same time help you find your tax deductions. This app comes with an automatic mileage tracker, and the company claims that its users have managed to save up tons of cash thanks to that. Mileage tracking works automatically using your phone’s GPS, while the app saves the data and categorizes it to maximize mileage tax deductions. This app also includes a receipt scanner, while business expenses can be automatically matched and categorized. You can also import business expenses directly from your bank account, if you want, while an invoice generator is included in the app as well. All in all, QuickBooks is a great app for those of you that are self-employed one way or the other.


TouchTax is a great app to have, but it’s considerably different than all the other apps listed here, as it’s not exactly an app that will help you organize your taxes or anything of the sort, but it will help you expand your knowledge and as a result may help you make wiser choices and maximize your deductions. This app provides you with an easy way to access all 7,700+ sections of the latest edition of the internal revenue code, the Treasury Regulations, the Internal Revenue Bulletins since 2003, and much more. Consider this application to be a digital book of tax-related information which you can access at all times from your phone. It will give you offline access to all sections of the Code and Regulations, offline access to the current version of Circular 230, offline PDF creation of any section of the Code, Regulations, and other tax materials, notes feature, section bookmarking tool, and so on. This is a paid app, it will cost you about $7, but it’s worth it considering the amount of knowledge you’ll be able to access.

Pocket Tax

Pocket Tax is an app which will help not only the US citizens, but also those of you who live in Australia, Ireland, or Canada. This app is aimed to help you get your tax refunds, as it provides you with instant refund estimates. Pocket Tax also offers step-by-step assistance with clear instructions, and on-screen concise forms. It has an in-built tax refund estimator, and the electronic signature facility as well, so that you can sign forms directly from your smartphone or tablet. You can photograph documents using this application without a problem and digitize them, basically, while it also has a browser that will help you upload any extra info that is needed. You can apply for a tax refund via this application without a problem.

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