T-Mobile Execs Stayed In Trump's Washington Hotel, While Seeking Approval To Buy Sprint


T-Mobile announced its merger with Sprint last April. The next day, nine executives from the self-proclaimed Un-Carrier had reservations at Trump Hotel in Washington, DC. Making it look like T-Mobile was "bribing" the president to approve the merger between the two smaller national wireless carriers.

The day after the merger was announced, employees at the Trump Hotel were given a list of "VIP" guests, and that included a number of T-Mobile executives – also including CEO John Legere, who has had a few run-ins with President Trump at his other properties. Executives were slated to stay between one and three days. Likely there to talk to regulators like the Department of Justice and the FCC, about getting this deal approved.

Trump Hotel staff said that was not their last stay either. Many have stayed at the hotel repeatedly since. Not to mention the fact that one executive had stayed there 10 separate times within the first six weeks post-merger announcement. T-Mobile CEO, John Legere had been there at least four times, and photographed walking through the lobby in his T-Mobile gear.


These lists of guests who stayed the Trump Hotel were given to The Washington Post (a news site that Trump really does not like, and refers to as "The Amazon Washington Post" since Amazon owns them). The lists were not published, so we do have to go on The Washington Posts' words here, and that executive who stayed at Trump Hotel ten times, was not named specifically. But it is like T-Mobile's COO, Mike Sievert.

This is unprecedented in American history

Never before has there been a President who did not divest himself from his business, upon entering office. Trump is not the first to have his own business and make money, but usually that is divested while they are in office, so that the President cannot be easily influenced by money. That's not the case with President Trump however.


Visiting dignitaries, interest groups and companies like T-Mobile have been staying at Trump Hotel ever since he was elected back in 2016. It throws up a few red flags for many people. Because they are paying the president while visiting the president or other members of his administration. Which does call into question ethics and such.

Legere likes the Hotel's location

Legere was caught in the lobby of the hotel last week by a reporter, who got a chance to ask him a few questions. Legere stated that he liked the location of the hotel. It's at 1100 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington, which is right smack in the middle of the many office buildings in the nation's capital.


It's down the street from The White House, but right next to the Department of Justice, where Legere and other executives from T-Mobile needed to be to get this deal approved. Legere also stated that he likes the service provided at the hotel. Noting that "It's become a place I feel very comfortable."

This is a bit surprising, given that Legere had stayed in a Trump Hotel a few years ago, and complained on Twitter about the terrible service. To which, then citizen, Trump replied that Legere needed to fix T-Mobile's network in his hotel. Which started a pretty big fight between the two on Twitter. So to see Legere back at a Trump Hotel, is indeed surprising.