T-Mobile Hits The Waves With The Coolpad Surf; Worlds First 600MHz Hotspot


T-Mobile has announced the world's first 600MHz hotspot, the Coolpad Surf.

The Coolpad Surf is similar to other 4G LTE hotspots out there, the only real difference here is that it does support T-Mobile's 600MHz spectrum. This is new spectrum that T-Mobile picked up in the most recent spectrum auction to help bolster its LTE network. This is not T-Mobile's first 600MHz-capable device though, it is actually its 29th. T-Mobile has been launching 600MHz-capable devices for the past year – in fact most newer smartphones on T-Mobile support it.

With the Coolpad Surf, you'll get the same great 4G LTE speed that you've come to expect from T-Mobile. But now you're going to get better indoor coverage. 600MHz was acquired by T-Mobile specifically for the better indoor coverage, since that is one area that the company lacked. With low-band spectrum like this, you get better coverage as it can cover a larger area, but the bandwidth won't be as large. This is why a lot of carriers are combining low-band with mid and high-band spectrum.


T-Mobile customers can pick up the Coolpad Surf from the carriers' website or in-store. It'll cost a mere $3 per month for 24 months. Or you can pay 72 for the hotspot. Needless to say, it is a pretty cheap hotspot. And that is because this is not a 5G hotspot. Good thing T-Mobile is not branding it as 5G E though.

The Coolpad Surf can last for around 48 hours of standby, or 5.3 hours of actual hotspotting with the 2150mAh capacity battery that is inside. It also supports all of T-Mobile's LTE bands and not just 600MHz or band 71. It also supports bands 2, 4, 12 and 66 for 4G LTE. Coolpad also added 3G support with support for bands 1, 2 and 4.

It's a bit ironic that T-Mobile launches a hotspot today, for its 600MHz network, considering it has been mocking its competitors – mainly AT&T and Verizon – for launching hotspots or pucks for its 5G network. In fact, T-Mobile's CEO, John Legere has said that "no one wants pucks". Yet here T-Mobile is with a puck for its 600MHz network. However the difference here is that T-Mobile's 600MHz network is actually available, and the puck is much cheaper at under $100.


T-Mobile is touting that its 600MHz spectrum is available in over 2,700 cities across the US now. That consists of 43 states, along with Puerto Rico. So 600MHz is pretty widely available, especially compared to 5G right now. T-Mobile is also touting the advantages of using 600MHz along with the other LTE bands that the carrier currently has. Combining it with 700MHz and its 1700MHz, it's going to be able to provide better signal and faster speeds. Two things its customers would really like to have, everywhere.

The Coolpad Surf is available from T-Mobile's website and at their stores, as already mentioned, beginning today. You can finance it for $3 per month, or buy it outright for $72, through the link down below. If you're looking to take advantage of T-Mobile's 600MHz spectrum, but don't want to but a new phone, this might be the best route to go.

Coolpad Surf - T-Mobile