Get Ready For SuperBowl LIII By Downloading These Android Apps

AH SuperBowl apps 2019

Super Bowl LIII aka 53 is right around the corner, the game will be played on a Sunday, February 3, and this time around we’ll be watching Los Angeles Rams vs New England Patriots. Needless to say, this is a huge event for the American Football, and in case you’re planning to get ready for it on the software side, we’re here to try and help out.

You will find a list of apps down below, which is focused on the Super Bowl. We have compiled a list of apps and games that are related to either Super Bowl or American Football in general, be it apps that will help you get to the game (presuming you have tickets), or apps that will keep you in the loop as to what’s happening during the game. Please do note that these apps are not listed in a specific order, so just because an app is first in line doesn’t mean anything.

Super Bowl LIII Fan Mobile Pass


NFL has released an official app for the Super Bowl LIII, and this is it. You can download prior to attending Super Bowl LII, or sign up onsite, as you will receive a QR code after registering, which will allow you to check in to activities, collect badges, photos, and videos. So, essentially, if you’re attending the Super Bowl LIII, downloading this app may be a good idea, as it will come in handy onsite.

Super Bowl LIII Fan Mobile Pass (Play Store)



It’s hard to omit NFL’s official general app from this list, as it contains a ton of information regarding NFL games, including Super Bowl. If you’re looking for your ultimate source regarding what’s going on at the Super Bowl LIII, this is the app to download. NFL will share plenty of info regarding that game, both before it, and during it, so you will be well-informed if you’re not planning to attend.


NFL (Play Store)



SofaScore is one of the most popular live score applications for Android, and in addition to offering a ton of other sports, it also offers American Football as an option. This app will not only let you know when the results changes during SuperBowl, but it will also let you know who scored, when, while you’ll also get access to some media content, and detailed statistics. The app offers a really easy-to-navigate UI, and it’s free to use.

SofaScore (Play Store)

Super Bowl Quiz


If you’re feeling like playing a quiz game which is Super Bowl-related, well, here you go. The Super Bowl Quiz app is brand new, and it contains 30 questions regarding Super Bowl. This is the kind of app you basically install, play through, and then remove from your device, as you will see all the questions after a short period of time… but still, it’s fun, and it’s not related to Super Bowl LIII specifically, but Super Bowl in general.

Super Bowl Quiz (Play Store)



We are presuming that many of you who will attend Super Bowl in Atlanta, Georgia, are not from there, which is why you will probably need some sort of a taxi service in order to reach the stadium itself, once you arrive in the city, presuming you’re using public transportation to get there. In comes Uber, an extremely popular ridesharing service. All you need to do is get the app, give it the permissions it needs, and call yourself a taxi that will take you wherever you need to go.


Uber (Play Store)

Football NFL 2018 Live Scores

Football NFL 2018 Live Scores, Stats & Schedules is an app whose name is quite descriptive, actually, even though the year in the app’s name is kind of misleading. This live score app is all about American Football, and thus it keeps track of Super Bowl as well, of course. If you’re interested in keeping track as to what’s going on during Super Bowl LIII, and you also want to have access to some additional statistics on the way, while you like clean UIs… well, this app may be just right for you.

Football NFL 2018 Live Scores (Play Store)

Google Maps

This is an app that pretty much every Android user has on its phone, as it’s part of core Android OS. That being said, Google Maps can be a really useful tool to navigate new surroundings, so if you’re attending Super Bowl LIII, and you’re not a local, chances are you’ll need Google Maps. If you’re planning to be without internet access for whatever reason while you’re in Atlanta, it may be a good idea to download a map of the city prior to your journey.

Google Maps (Play Store)


Booking is yet another app that may come in handy if you’re traveling to Super Bowl, as there’s a good chance you’ll stay the night, especially if you don’t live close by. This app will allow you to book a room, so that you don’t have to worry about that once you arrive in Atlanta. This is just one of many apps of this type, so if you prefer some other app like HotelTonight or Airbnb, for example, that works too.

Booking (Play Store)

CBS Sports

CBS Sports app brings you news, scores, videos, and much more when sports is concerned, same goes for Super Bowl. This app is on this list for one specific reason, though, and that is live streaming Super Bowl. Those of you who are not attending the game live in Atlanta can watch it via CBS Sports app. Truth be said, this is just one way to watch the game, there are many other ways that you are probably aware of, if not, we will publish a guide for that soon.

CBS Sports (Play Store)