Sony Updates EXTRA BASS Speakers With New Colors & Pricing – CES 2019


Sony is updating its EXTRA BASS portable speaker line with new models for 2019. The new versions arrive as the SRS-XB12, SRS-XB22 and SRS-XB32 speakers, and all build on the quality and design of previous generational versions, but with new color options and pricing.

Of the three new arrivals, the XB12 is the smallest and most portable as this one simply employs a single passive radiator and a more plump design overall. The XB12 follows on from last year’s XB10 speaker and once again offers protection when used outside through its IP67 dust and water-resistance certification, as well as a rubber-like exterior which the company suggests is “party-proof.” For added portability, a removable strap is also included.

The XB12 will arrive with a $59.99 price tag attached in the US.


The XB22 and XB32 speakers are this year’s upgrades to the XB20 and XB30 speakers from 2018. Although they include an overall design that’s very similar to last year’s models, the design has been improved on and is now more refined.

Compared to the XB10, the XB22 and XB32 make use of dual passive radiators and full-range stereo speakers. The end result being a louder and deeper sound overall. Likewise, while the XB22 and XB32 are also designed for outdoor use thanks to the same IP67 certification and rubber-like coating as the XB10, unlike the XB10 these two feature a fabric that can be removed and washed when needed.

Both the XB22 and 32 speakers offer basic light shows, while the XB32 also comes equipped with strobe light effects for an added party feel.


Consumers looking for the option with the longest battery life will want to consider the more expensive XB32 as this one is rated to offer up to 24 hours on a single charge. Compared to the XB22 which offers up to 12 hours of usage and the XB12 which in spite of its size manages to provide 16 hours of usage on a single charge. Furthermore, the XB32 can also be used to charge smartphones as and when needed.

In terms of pricing, the XB22 will land priced at $99.99 in the US.

The XB22 will cost $50 more when it arrives, priced at $149.99.


Sony has not confirmed exact availability but has stated all three XB models will hit store shelves sometime in the Spring.

Sony announced these latest additions to the EXTRA BASS line during CES 2019. This is a fairly common occurrence now considering it is this even each year when Sony announces its newest Bluetooth speakers. For example, last year’s CES 2018 saw the company unveil four new models, consisting of the predecessors to the three models listed here, as well as the most premium option – the SRS-XB40.

Sony has not confirmed whether this year will see an updated version of the XB40 although its absence from the event likely suggests the company is looking to ensure the EXTRA BASS line becomes more competitive on price. At least when it comes to the smaller and more portable (SRS) options, as Sony did take the opportunity to announce two new speaker products at the same event, the GTK-XB72 and the GTK-PG10.


Both the the GTK-XB72 and the GTK-PG10 offer more power and some other interesting design elements.