This Android App Adds Amazing Image Slideshows To Your Nav Bar


If you're still using the regular navigation bar on your Android device, and you like to spice it up a bit, well, there's a new app that allows you to do that. This app is listed as "Navbar slideshow free – navbar customize android" on the Play Store, while the developer also refers to it as "Smart Navigation Bar Slideshow App".

So, what does this app do, exactly? Well, it allows you to choose images from your gallery (that's right, plural), and then it shows those images in form of a slideshow in your navigation bar. That's not all, though, this app is much more customizable than that. If you do not prefer to have images slideshow down there, you can always just put whatever text you want instead, or a battery indicator line, perhaps… it's up to you.

There are a ton of custom animations that you can use here, which give you more options. You can, for example, put a burning fire in the background of your navigation bar, or a racing car, perhaps. These are basically GIFs that will run in the background of your navigation bar, just to spice it up a bit.


As far as text is concerned, you have plenty of options as well, you can write whatever you want, change font, size, and position of that text, while setting different colors for that text is also a possibility. Just keep in mind that a number of these options actually require you to get the paid version of the app, like changing the font color, for example. The paid version is not expensive, though, it costs around $1.

You will get ads in the free version of the app, but only while you're in the app and messing around with it, other than that, you will not face any obstructions or anything of the sort. We have seen apps like this before (well, similar ones), but this one is extremely customizable, and it offers much more functionality than most others, as it basically combines what other apps offer separately. If you're interested in getting the app, both free and paid versions are listed down below.

Other Navigation Bar-Editing Applications


This application is very customizable and quite useful, while it combines many other apps into one, as already mentioned, but it's not the only app that lets you customize your navigation bar, not even close. NavBar Apps is yet another application that allows you to change the background of your navigation bar, whether you'd like to include a solid color or an image from your gallery, and it also comes with music visualizer.

Speaking of a music visualizer, Muviz is yet another similar app whose focus in on that music visualizer, and it does a great job in that regard. This app basically adds a live music visualizer to your navigation bar, or your status bar, it's up to you, and it has a ton of options, just like the other two apps we've mentioned. There are many other apps out there, but not all of them are good, of course.

All in all, the app we talked about definitely offers the most customization out of all the other, similar apps that we've seen thus far, and if your aim is to completely customize your navigation bar, well, you may want to give this app a shot.


Smart Navigation Bar Slideshow App Free (Play Store)

Smart Navigation Bar Slideshow App Pro (Play Store)