Samsung Intros New, Modular Micro LED Display Sizes & Shapes - CES 2019

Samsung has announced some new advancements in the Micro LED TV display territory during its First Look CES event at the Adria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. The company basically announced new Micro LED sizes, shapes, and configurations that will be on offer this year, and they include a new 75-inch display, a 219-inch “The Wall”, and a number of other various sizes, shapes, and configurations, as the company’s Micro LED displays are basically modular offerings. The company’s new 75-inch Micro LED and 219-inch The Wall displays feature self-emissive technology and modular capabilities, which is why Samsung refers to them as “modular” displays. The company also claims that the picture quality on these displays is “unparalleled”. Now, they’re referred to as “modular” because they’re made up of individual modules of self-emissive Micro LEDs. These displays feature millions of inorganic red, green, and blue microscopic LED chips, and they emit their own light to produce colors on the display, which boosts colors on the display, and makes the whole experience high quality, claims Samsung.

This Is Not Micro LED’s Debut

Some of you probably remember that Samsung actually introduced its Micro LED technology by unveiling “The Wall” at CES last year. The company introduced a 146-inch Micro LED display, and due to the advancement in the technology, the company has been able to use Micro LED technology and create a 4K Micro LED display in a 75-inch form factor, which was not possible last year. To be more precise, advancements in the ultra-fine pitch semiconductor packaging process that narrows the gap between the microscopic LED chips is what helped the company to create a smaller 4K display with Micro LED tech.

What’s So Special About Micro LED tech?

In addition to the fact that such displays feature millions of inorganic red, green, and blue microscopic LED chips that emit their own light in order to show colors, this technology will offer users in the future to create their own percent displays even at irregular 9x3, 1x7, or 5x1 screen sizes, so that they fit their needs, as not everyone wants fixed display aspect ratios, of course. The Micro LED technology also optimize the content no matter what size or shape the screen is, so even with adding more modules, Micro LED displays can scale to increase the resolution, but keep the pixel density constant, and that may be one of their biggest positives and selling points for some people. On top of everything, Micro LED technology supports everything from regular 16:9 content, to 21:9 widescreen content… but it also has support for rather odd screen aspect ratios, like 32:9, for example, if that’s something you need. Now, as if that’s not enough, Micro LED displays are also bezel-less, which may not sound like a huge upside for some of you, but it sure helps with immersion. Most people nowadays want their TVs to have extremely thin bezels, so that they can focus on content, as such displays don’t take away from what you’re watching. Well, when it comes to Micro LED displays, there are no borders between modules, even when you add more of them, so the possibilities are basically endless, and it will sure be interesting to see how will this technology evolve in the next year or so. Micro LED technology did improve quite a bit since the first time Samsung announced it at CES 2018, so who knows what can we expect by the time CES 2020 comes knocking. All in all, this technology seems to be the future of content consumption, at least from our standpoint, as you can basically adapt display size and aspect ratio to your needs, without bezels standing in the way, and there’s not a better solution than a modular one, as different people have different needs.

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