Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Will Sport A "Lite" 3,000mAh Capacity Battery

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A certification currently available on the website of the Fair Trade Commission of South Korea reveals the battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. The battery of the Galaxy S10 Lite will have a rated capacity of 3,000mAh and a total capacity of 3,100mAh. The certification does not show the smartphone itself, but it instead shows an image of the battery of the device. Moreover, the battery’s model number, EB-BG970ABU T, suggests that it will be used for the Galaxy S10 Lite, which will reportedly have the model number SM-G970. In comparison with previous flagship offerings of Samsung Electronics, the Galaxy S10 Lite will have a similar battery capacity with the Galaxy S9, while its battery is smaller compared to the Galaxy Note 9, which features a 4,000mAh battery. The battery capacity of the cheapest version of the Galaxy S10 will also be significantly smaller than the power packs included with upcoming entry-level smartphones of the tech giant, with recent rumors suggesting that the Galaxy M20 and the Galaxy M30 will feature a 5,000mAh battery.

Background: The presence of a similar-sized battery pack suggests that the Galaxy S10 Lite will have at least a similar battery life compared to the company’s previous-generation flagships. However, the improvements in the chipset’s power efficiency should extend the battery life of the upcoming flagship handset. For example, the Exynos 9820, which Samsung will likely include in the units sold outside of the United States and other select markets, offers around 40-percent processing efficiency improvement compared to the Exynos 9810 found in the Galaxy S9. Furthermore, the Galaxy S10 Lite will reportedly ship with Android 9 Pie pre-installed, and the latest version of Google’s operating system includes features that reduce the power consumption of the device through artificial intelligence.

Recent reports already supplied details about the specifications and design of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. Earlier rumors state that the device will feature a 5.8-inch flat display, while other more expensive variations will sport curved displays. Furthermore, the device will reportedly include a single front-facing camera and a horizontally-arranged dual rear camera setup. Located beside the rear shooters are the LED flash and the heart rate monitor. Recent rumors say that the Galaxy S10 Lite will feature 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal flash storage. Moreover, while the costlier models of the Galaxy S10 will include in-display fingerprint sensors, the Galaxy S10 Lite will instead feature side-mounted fingerprint scanners.


While the units of the Galaxy S10 Lite sold to the rest of the world will feature the Exynos 9820 SoC, the models of the device that Samsung will retail in the United States will likely sport the Snapdragon 855 chipset. Recent benchmark results suggest that the Snapdragon 855 offers better performance than the Exynos 9820, although software optimizations may significantly affect the user experience of the hardware variants.

Impact: There is no confirmed information available about the battery capacities of the other models of the Galaxy S10, although users may expect larger battery sizes given the increased dimensions of the costlier flagship variants. Nonetheless, battery capacity is just one of the factors that could affect the battery life of the device, since software optimizations, internal hardware, and firmware may also significantly affect the power consumption of the handset.