Roborock S50 Is The Best Robot Vacuum & It's Just $365 At Newegg Today

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Newegg Flash is currently selling the Roborock S50 robot vacuum for just $364.99 today. That is good for 27-percent off of its regular price of $499. It is also only good through tomorrow and will end at midnight PST on Friday. So you’ll want to grab it before it’s gone.

The Roborock S50 is heralded as the best robot vacuum currently available. This is largely due to the fact that it uses lasers to navigate around your home. Other robot vacuums don’t use lasers but do map out your home. However, Roomba will sometimes miss some spots. While the Roborock S50 does not miss any spots. It also doesn’t go around in a random pattern like some of the robot vacuums that are much cheaper.

That’s not all though. Roborock also added a fair amount of suction, rated at 2000Pa, it’s going to be able to get all of the dirt, hair and everything else out of the carpet pretty easily. This means that it is great for those that might have a pet that you need to clean up after – especially if you are allergic to them.


The Roborock S50 is a great robot vacuum, and Newegg Flash has it for $364.99 right now. Which is a fantastic price, and you can grab it at the link below.

Roborock S50 - Newegg Flash - $365

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