Ring Goes Overboard At CES 2019, Announcing 13 New Products

ring door view cam

Since Amazon bought Ring at the beginning of last year, it has wasted no time in cranking out new products for its latest acquisition. It announced a slew of new products at its fall event late last year – accompanied by a ton of Alexa-enabled devices. And now, at CES 2019, Ring is announcing 13 new products. Now that number might seem a bit daunting, but it is actually a bit exaggerated by Amazon and Ring. Is is announcing a new doorbell that mounts on your door itself (made for apartment renters), with a few new smart lights, and a range of new sensors – which make up 13 products, across three segments.

Ring Door View Cam attaches to your peephole and needs zero wiring

Ring has made a new doorbell that is perfect for those that live in an apartment or are renting a house. This one will attach to the peephole on your door, and work just like the other video doorbells from Ring. It has a camera built-in, so you can still see who is at your door as you’d expect, and there’s an actual button there to ring the doorbell. The Door View Cam is able to record and stream in 1080p, and as with any smart doorbell, it will alert your phone when someone is at your door. Ring also allows you to have tight privacy zones, so you can digitally black out anything that’s not right in front of your door, allowing your neighbors privacy to be protected. Finally, the Door View Cam also has a motion sensor included so that it can sense when someone knocks on the door versus ringing the doorbell. The Door View Cam is going to be $199 and will be available later this year.


Ring is also debut smart alerts, which is coming to other video doorbells in its portfolio this year. It will be able to optimize the alerts that the Ring app send out. This is aimed at reducing the number of alerts you receive. Allowing the doorbell to decipher when it is just clouds moving in front of the sun, or someone walking down the street – something it doesn’t need to notify you about.

Ring Door View Cam - Amazon

Ring strengthens its popular home security system with new sensors


Also announced at CES 2019 today, Ring has a slew of new sensors that can be included with your home security system that you got from Ring. There is a Smoke & CO Listener, a First Alert Z-Wave Smoke/CO Alarm (that obviously works with Z-Wave), and then there is a Flood & Freeze Sensor available. Finally, there’s a Dome Siren that you can pick up and scare off would-be intruders into your home. The Smoke/CO sensors are pretty self-explanatory, they will detect smoke and the rising level of carbon dioxide and alert you through the Ring app. The Flood and Freeze sensor is supposed to be placed near a source of water, and it will let you know when it detects water, or if the water temperatures are freezing. This is going to allow you to take action and make sure that you do not have to deal with frozen pipes or a flood when you get home.

On top of these new sensors, the Ring app can now also control smart locks from Kwikset, Schlage and Yale. Later this year it will also add support for August. Prices for the Smoke & CO Listener and Flood and Freeze sensor are $35, with the First Alert Z-Wave Smoke/CO Alarm being $40. While the Dome Siren will be priced at $30

Ring continues to put out more lights to make your outdoor lights “smart”


The majority of Ring’s products being announced at CES this year are smart lighting products. And that includes a wired Ring Floodlight that is motion activated, but does require an existing electrical box. This one does come in pretty bright at around 2,000 lumens. That is significantly brighter than the floodlight it debuted last year. There is also a wire-free Floodlight available, but it is not as bright at just 600 lumens and it is being called the Ring Floodlight Battery. Then there is the Ring Transformer, which adds smart features to older landscape lights, allowing you to control them from the app or with Amazon Alexa.

That’s not all though. Ring also made a few more wire-free lighting options. These are mostly targeted at those that do not have existing wiring outside. This includes a spotlight, a path light and a step light. They are also pretty minimal and look quite nice. Finally, wrapping up the smart lighting being announced by Ring here, there is the Ring Motion Sensor. This is great for putting outside, as when it detects motion it will turn on the lights and start recording as well.

The Ring Floodlight will cost $69.99, while the Ring Floodlight Battery will be $49.99 and the Ring Transformer will cost you $99.99. These are all on pre-order now from Amazon and Ring’s own website, they should ship around March 6.While the Ring Spotlight is priced at $39.99, the Ring Pathlight at $29.99 and the Ring Steplight at $17.99. For those wondering about solar-powered lighting options, those are in the pipeline, according to Ring.


All of Ring’s products can now communicate with each other

One of the biggest complaints among Ring’s expansion of its portfolio in the past year, was the fact that not all of its products could speak to each other. that seemed like a major oversight by Amazon. Fortunately, it has fixed this issue now. All of Ring’s doorbells, alarms and cameras can now speak to each other. Offering up a pretty robust security system for your home. Ranging from your doorbell, which is recording constantly, to the floodlight cameras that you can put around your home, and even the motion sensors inside and outside of your home. Not to mention the new sensors that are available for detecting smoke, carbon dioxide and leaks. Ring has a robust system here, and it was already pretty popular over the holidays, now with these new sensors and features, it’s going to become even more popular.