RebirthM Launches On Android With A Fortnite-Like Battle Royale Mode

RebirthM AH

RebirthM, a feature-packed open world action MMORPG that's been making the rounds in a limited number of release regions since last year, has officially been released worldwide in the Play Store. The game boasts a ton of things to do, a fairly competent combat system, and graphics that push the boundaries of current mobile games.

The game is available for free in the Play Store, and features a premium in-game currency called Carets. Carets are hard to come across in the game world, and require serious work to get for free. Thankfully, those who wish to do so can pay for them. With carets, you can buy costumes, pets, and all sorts of other perks for your account.

Background: You'll start off by picking out a class. The classes are gender-locked, with men fighting up close and women picking enemies off from a distance. Each class has three different face and hair choices, but beyond that, character customization comes down to equipment.


For the classes themselves, you've got the dual-blade Slayer, an agile warrior with a plethora of skills that can adapt to changing battlefield conditions with skills designed for movement. The greatsword-wielding Berserker, on the other hand, is a tank that blasts enemies away with powerful skills and high damage output.

Those who want to put a bit of distance between themselves and foes, or who just want a female avatar, can choose a Magician. Deftly wielding various magicks, the magician can flit about the battlefield to decimate groups of foes and help allies, all while staying out of danger. The Archer is a somewhat more in-your-face class, and is adept at picking off foes one by one with precision shots and high-power skills.

With the classes basically broken out into melee versus ranged and one on one versus crowd pleasers, you get an idea of how combat will flow. The thing is, you can play each character however you like because this game sports a targeting-optional action battle system. You decide where you go during a fight, which enemies you target, when you strike, and which skills you use. There's even a dodge button, though it's fiddly to use.

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Moving beyond combat, the game boasts a fairly deep story that revolves around a faction war with a bit of a twist. One of the factions involved has opened up a portal to another realm, revived a long-dormant demon lord, and recruited the forces of darkness to their cause. This means all the other factions are putting a hold on their infighting to deal with the major threat.

That's where you, the player, come in. You're dropped into the war as a rookie, and you'll have to work your way up to earn respect, better gear, and more opportunities. The game features a large amount of sidequests and unique ways to earn both in-game and premium currency, ensuring you'll never run out of accomplishments to check off the list. Aside from the main story, you can rise through the ranks in PVP, join or create a guild, and fight in a number of different modes to build up your character and get resources.

Impact: From the graphics to the gameplay, RebirthM is meant to emulate PC MMORPGs, and the game does so admirably. The most apt comparison that comes to mind in the mobile gaming space is Lineage 2: Revolution. In fact, it's not entirely out of line to suggest that players without a lot of free time for gaming may end up choosing between the two.


The Play Store is being invaded by close to PC-grade MMORPGs with oodles of things to do, different modes, and more content than most people will be able to reasonably complete. Between this and the likes of Toram Online, Order & Chaos, Rangers of Oblivion, and more, right now is an incredibly fortunate time to be an Android-toting MMO fan.