Pre-Order Samsung's Recently Announced QLED 8K Smart TVs, Starting At $4999


This week at CES, Samsung debuted its very own QLED 8K Smart TV, that is not just for bragging rights, but it is actually a TV that you can buy. In fact, Samsung has already opened up the pre-orders for these TVs. They start at $4999, so they are not cheap, but the picture quality is going to be amazing. 8K TVs have been shown off at CES for many years now, at least five, however this is the first year that those 8K TVs are actually going to be available for purchase. They are not cheap, and that's how 4K TVs were about a decade ago when that technology was brand new, and the same thing happened with Full HD and HD TVs before that. It's a cycle in the TV world that keeps on going.

These new TVs from Samsung are QLED TVs, so they are their high-end TVs, as you might expect. These are smart TVs and run on Samsung's Tizen operating system. With Tizen on-board, a lot of your favorite apps are going to be available. This includes YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and much more. There are a couple of things here that might be surprising to see on a Samsung television though. And that is support for Apple's AirPlay 2, but also iTunes. Apple has apparently figured out that if it wants to make original content, it needs to make it easier for its customers to watch it. So you'll be able to watch your full iTunes library on these new 8K TVs. Of course, iTunes has nothing in 8K, so that is not the reason to buy this TV right now.

Now to get to an 8K display, Samsung did need to build a new chipset to run the TV, and that is the Quantum Processor 8K. This is an artificial intelligence chip that is going to be able to crunch 8K video and pictures onto this TV, but also able to provide you some really crisp and clear pictures on this TV. Picture isn't the only thing though, it also optimizes the sound and brightness for every single scene. This is going to allow you to get the best looking picture for every scene of every movie or TV show you are watching. With an 8K TV comes 8K content right? Not exactly. There are some shooting in 8K for YouTube, unfortunately, YouTube compresses it so heavily, it won't look like it's in 8K. Right now there is virtually no 8K content available, but that is how 4K got started a few years ago. Companies need to build the 8K displays before people will start shooting in 8K, and that is already beginning to happen.


Samsung is offering these QLED 8K TVs in four sizes: 65, 75, 82 and 85-inches. The 65-inch comes in at $4999, while the 75-inch jumps up to $6999. Now if that's not big enough for you, the 82-inch model is priced at $9,999 and finally the 85-inch model tops out at $14,999. These are all on sale now and are expected to ship the week of February 24. So if you are cool with waiting almost two months for your TV to arrive, then now is the time. On top of that, Samsung is throwing in free shipping – which is likely chump change, considering the price of these TVs right now.

Pre-Order Samsung QLED 8K TV - - $4999

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