Newegg Is Giving The PlayStation 4 Pro A Rare Discount, Dropping Down To $359


The PlayStation 4 Pro rarely sees a discount. Typically the only way to save money on it is by getting a gift card bundled with the console. But Newegg is dropping the price from $399 to $359 right now. However, you do need to use the promo code EMCTUUD67 at checkout to get this price.

Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro is its highest-end PlayStation 4 console. It supports both HDR and 4K for gaming and streaming media. It is a really great console to pick up – if you don't already have a PS4. It offers some rather stunning graphics, thanks to many games being upgraded to support 4K and HDR.

The only downside is the fact that games are now coming in with larger and larger file sizes. Luckily the PlayStation 4 Pro does come with a 1TB hard drive, so there is plenty of space to keep your games on the console.


Users are also able to watch 4K content from YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and many other sources, on the PlayStation 4 Pro. So it can replace your Roku, Android TV or Apple TV device as well.

You can pick up the PlayStation 4 Pro for just $359 from Newegg using the link below. Make sure to use the promo code EMCTUUD67 at checkout.

PlayStation 4 Pro - Newegg - $359